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World Wonders: The Great Wall of China

World Wonders: The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China was honored as one of the world's great wonders. It covers 6700 kilometers from east to west China and is more than 2000 years years old. Some of its parts are either in ruins or have disappeared permanently. The Wall curves and crosses mountains, plateaus, deserts and grasslands. It is not continuous but is made up of several shorter walls.

Time line.

World Wonders: The Great Wall of China

5 century BC, year 221 BC

During the period of warring kingdoms, the kingdoms of Qi, Han and Cao long built facilities to protect their own borders. In order to withstand attacks by smaller armies, such as the suordite and Sperry, the walls were composed mainly of sand and earth embankments.

Year 221 BC

To strengthen its dominance and defend the Huns from the north, Emperor Qin ordered the wall built by the previous kingdoms to join and add new ones. It formed a long Qin wall, starting from today's Liaoning Province and the Province Dzhiansu mop. After the unification of China by the seven warring kingdoms, the Emperor binds the other four old fortifications in northern China which date from around (more than 2500 years ago). The Wall is placed against the invading troops the nomadic tribes from the north of China (the Huns). In the next millennium the walls are given simple additions and modifications, but the basic construction of "modern" wall occurred during the Ming Dynasty, years 1388 to 1644 AD.

Years 1368 to 1644 AD.

The Great Wall was revived, followed by the defeat of the army of Min in 1449. Min failed to put their hand over the Mongols after the successful battles the Manchu tribes were victorious. Min had developed a new strategy for prevention of nomads, this was the building of walls around the northern borders of China. According to Mongolian control imposed in the desert Ordos, the wall followed the southern edge. During this dynasty (1368-1644)the Great Wall of China is extended to 6, 400 km. and recovered more than 200 years, adding to it the observation towers, and guns.

Later the Han Dynasty, Sui, Northern and Jin corrected, converted and extended parts of the wall.

World Wonders: The Great Wall of China

Year 1644 AD.

Construction and repairs on the wall are eliminated, and built on the south wall to protect the Chinese people from nomads and barbarians.

It is alleged that the Great Wall of China is the only object visible from the people in Space or on the moon, and with the naked eye. This is not true. It can be seen from the Earths orbit, but unlike the legend is not visible from the moon, as noted by astronaut Neil Armstrong say, Jim Irwin and Jim Laual.

By western contact with China during the 17th to 20th centuries, the glory of the Great Wall of China attracts many tourists.

During the 20th century they began restoration in 1987 and was declared a world cultural heritage. Today part of the Great Wall of China Covers approximately 80 kilometers from Beijing, taking thousands and thousands of tourists every day.