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The danger of parallel worlds

The danger of parallel worlds

It is increasingly mentioned that parallel worlds might be totally real and our planet may house other forms of life and other worlds.

There are many cases where people have crossed into a parallel world. There is a case that a little girl from England has suffered. The girl was walking in the woods to her home, but suddenly found herself in an area that was surrounded by an invisible wall.

The danger of parallel worlds

The girl hit the wall, tried to pass through it, shouted, but nothing was received. She saw her parents and neighbors, who wondered in the woods to find her, but never saw her.

After they all left frustrated, the forest wall disappeared and the girl managed to return home.

Living beings from across the other world could see us and hear us, and we would not even guess that we are part of an optical experiment.

The term "another world" has been known since ancient times. People for centuries have had a hunch that there are other life forms and other dimensions, where there are living beings.

All pagan religions are associated with belief of other worlds. Shamans and priests had contacted these other worlds.

There is evidence of time-space windows. Through these windows people fall into other worlds with other parameters of time and space.

This can be both past and future. When a person falls into such a place, they disappear forever from our world. If they are able to return, they have shaken health and psyche.

Such places are called gaps between reality and portals to other dimensions. In the nineteenth century when there were no limousines, two Americans from Connecticut - a Colonel and a Judge - hid in a small house in the woods during a rainstorm.

This house was known as the house of horrors, because one day the farmer who lived there, disappeared along with his wife and their five children.

When the Americans entered the house, silence and darkness fell, the rain was not to be heard. Front of the judge and the colonel discovered a terrible picture - the carcasses of all the farm family members. The judge entered a room and disappeared.

The colonel escaped from the house, but lost his mind, and the judge has never been found, nor were the dead bodies of the farmer and his family.