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What are Space Jellyfish?What are Space Jellyfish?
27 Sept.
Instead of a meteorite, a small piece of stone or metal, strange stuff that looks like a jellyfish falls to Earth from space....
The Strangest Methods for Treating Illnesses in the PastThe Strangest Methods for Treating Illnesses in the Past
27 Aug.
According to the find, malaria raises body temperature in order to kill the bacteria that cause syphilis. After millions died from malariotherapy, it was banned....
The Chinese to Look for Aliens in Space with a Giant TelescopeThe Chinese to Look for Aliens in Space with a Giant Telescope
07 July
It's expected to be the world leader in space research for the next 1-2 decades. Radio telescopes detect radio waves from Space. The enormous dish reflects the waves and focuses them into a single point....
Dangerous Magnetic Storms This WeekendDangerous Magnetic Storms This Weekend
29 Aug.
This Saturday and Sunday we will be subject to dangerous magnetic storms that cause depression and heart attacks, warn cardiologists and experts from NASA....
Experiment Has Made Fish Walk on LandExperiment Has Made Fish Walk on Land
03 Sept.
The scientists will repeat the experiment, in order to see the changes in the muscles of the fish. A 3rd experiment will show what would happen if they were to remain longer in a dry environment....
NASA Finds Likely Habitable PlanetNASA Finds Likely Habitable Planet
28 Aug.
NASA's space telescope Kepler has found a planet, whose conditions for life are extremely similar to Earth's. According to experts, this quite likely means that the planet is habitable....
Mysterious Signal Caught from SpaceMysterious Signal Caught from Space
05 July
The strange signal is an electromagnetic emission with a specific wavelength in the X-ray range....
Powerful Solar Storms are Exceptionally DangerousPowerful Solar Storms are Exceptionally Dangerous
02 Dec.
Strong geomagnetic storms can be very dangerous to modern society. Besides affecting human psychology, they can influence our technology, which man's life literally depends on in modern times....
Sleep disorders can be very dangerousSleep disorders can be very dangerous
26 Feb.
The usual sleep disorders and sexsomnia not do pose dangers to others. But the unfortunate can occur and that, without knowing it, are transformed into blood thirsty monsters and perform senseless killings....
Nightmares Help us in Dangerous SituationsNightmares Help us in Dangerous Situations
03 Feb.
This is a specific mechanism whereby the human brain experiments during sleep using different risk situations, preparing us to react in real situations....
Excess Sleep is Dangerous as WellExcess Sleep is Dangerous as Well
04 July
American scientists have reported that overindulgence in sleep, especially in middle-aged people, is also just as harmful as lack of it. According to the study, too much sleep harms the brain. Nearly 9000 people participated...
NASA Gives $18 000 to Unemployed Man to Lie in Bed for 3 MonthsNASA Gives $18 000 to Unemployed Man to Lie in Bed for 3 Months
14 Nov.
But before you think that NASA spends way too much money on needless experiments, it turns out that the administration is also good at making profits....
The Philadelphia Experiment - the Invisible, Time Traveling ShipThe Philadelphia Experiment - the Invisible, Time Traveling Ship
03 Aug.
During the experiments, scientists shot electricity along hundreds of meters of cables situated around the ships, in attempts to make them undetectable by naval mines....
Did Extraterrestrials Experiment on a Man from Yakutia?Did Extraterrestrials Experiment on a Man from Yakutia?
11 Nov.
He hardly talked to anyone and kept repeating that he would soon die, for the extraterrestrials had done experiments on him and drained his vitality....
NASA Photographs 8000-Year-Old SwastikaNASA Photographs 8000-Year-Old Swastika
26 Nov.
Pictures taken from space by a NASA satellite reveal more than 260 mysterious forms, including a swastika and cross, scattered about the barren Kazakh Steppe....

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