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Sensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on Mars

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Life on Mars

NASA has announced that they've found signs of life at an official press conference held yesterday, June 7. The discovery was made using the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Organic molecules have been found on the Red Planet, their origin for the moment unknown. These molecules are located in the basin of what was once a river, 3 billion years ago. This clearly shows that Mars was indeed a habitable planet.

After NASA's official announcement, they're now ready to answer any questions related to their find. Anyone can ask a question on their social network profile - #askNASA.

Red Planet

Scientists specify that the molecules don't carry out vital functions. They were most likely part of some other living organisms.

The possibility remains that Mars may have once been inhabited by microorganisms or for them to even still exist on the planet.

During its trek on Mars, the Curiosity Rover confirmed the rise in methane levels in Mar's atmosphere. It could be due to a biological source or it could be a seasonal phenomenon.

For some of the experts, the presence of methane in the atmosphere of the Red Planet is categorical proof that it once harbored life.