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The Craziest Scientists and Their Horrifying Experiments

Mad Doc

Scientific progress demands risk. We owe all of today's advancements to brave pioneers, whose actions have led to improvements in every aspect of our lives. It has all been made possible at the cost of great efforts and years of experiments.

However, there is one group of scientists that history will remember as outright mad. In the eyes of others, they are seen only with fear and disgust.

The object of the sick ambition of certain practitioners of science isn't only limited to lab mice. The individuals described below have often subjected other human beings, even children, to horrifying experiments, just to see what would happen. Read on to learn about the most brutal experiments.

1. Dr. Sanjiv Talwar

In the mid-90s, Dr. Sanjiv Talwar, working at the State University of New York, presented a technology he developed for the remote control of rats. With it, he was able to make the rodents run, jump, stop and feel pleasure. The technology works by sending electronic signals to their brains.

Remotely Guided Rats
Image: BBC

Even though his intention was to use the remotely guided rats to save victims from earthquakes, he received severe criticism for the deranged nature of this type of control, which could also be used on humans. The controversy reached new heights until the technology was bought by the US Department of Defense, after which it abated.

2. Nikolai Krasnogorsky

Ivan Pavlov was well known for his work in making dogs salivate at the sound of a bell. His student, Nikolai Krasnogorsky, took this concept much further - using children instead of dogs. Over the course of his experiments however, he discovered that humans exhibited more self-control than dogs. Angry, the scientist made the sound that signaled the coming of food - a sound particularly irritating to the human ear.

Naturally, this unnerved his infant test subjects and they reacted with exceptional fury. Ultimately, Krasnogorsky proved nothing but after the end of his experiments he proudly announced that he had successfully given the children experimentally-induced neuroses.

3. Henry Heiman

19th century British scientist Henry Heiman injected 4-5-year-olds with gonorrhea to prove that they too can suffer from the disease. At that time, the thinking in scientific circles was that due to the specifics of this sexually transmitted disease, children would be immune to it. Heiman showed with horrifying eagerness that everyone was wrong by injected the bacteria in over 100 children.

4. Ilya Ivanov

Image: ThedailyomnivoreNet

Soviet scientist Ilya Ivanov was obsessed with the idea of creating a cross between man and ape. To do this, he hoped to inseminate a woman with chimp sperm. For whatever reason, the French and Soviet governments took an interest in his work.

After traveling to Paris, where he hoped to conduct his experiment, he was met with an unexpected obstacle - the lack of volunteers. But this did not stop him. He began work as a gynecologist, while attempting to secretly carry out artificial insemination on his patients. Ivanov was finally caught and sent to prison.