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Menacing Tower of Skulls Stupefies MexicoMenacing Tower of Skulls Stupefies Mexico
14 July
Mexican archaeologists are in absolute bewilderment. A tower of human skulls may completely turn local history on its head. The story of the tower of skulls as related by the Spanish conquistadors has been a spine...
The Story of the Tower of BabelThe Story of the Tower of Babel
24 Apr.
The story of the Tower of Babel is told in the 1st book of the Bible - the Book of Genesis. It explains the origins of the different languages and people in the world. According to it, after the Great Flood decimated...
Japanese Test Reveals Our Attitude Toward LoveJapanese Test Reveals Our Attitude Toward Love
30 Oct.
An accurate Japanese test, having reached its conclusions after a massive study, can determine our attitude toward love just by using a single fingerprint. In the study, a group of Japanese scientists analyzed the...
Spirit of Queen Anne in the London Tower CastleSpirit of Queen Anne in the London Tower Castle
13 Jan.
Along the banks of the Thames River is the London Tower castle towers. It was built by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century as a defensive fortress. To XVII century it held the official residence of...
Architects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for AstronautsArchitects to Build a Tower Reaching the Stratosphere for Astronauts
21 Aug.
company Thoth Technology for building a 12.5 mile (20 km) high tower is realized. The British newspaper the Independent writes that the entrepreneurial Canadians have managed to patent the project for this gigantic...
Ufologists: An Extraterrestrial Base is Flying Toward EarthUfologists: An Extraterrestrial Base is Flying Toward Earth
19 July
A team of ufologists claims that an extraterrestrial base is flying toward our planet. The ufologists showed photos of an approaching asteroid, on which the shadow of a black pyramid is visible. According to the...
Weird Moon DreamWeird Moon Dream
31 July
was like falling out of sky towards earth. I went to bring a camera ( and heard my mother telling me not to use aunt's camera and me telling her back I forgot my camera)and came back to see only moon all reddish and then after some time the other thing which I think was sun was again there....
Palmistry - Meaning of the Line of FatePalmistry - Meaning of the Line of Fate
22 Oct.
loss. - A double line of fate indicates a distinguished career. - Whenever the line splits and one end leads toward the base of the Mount of the Moon, while the other towards Venus, the fate of this person...
The Amazing Philippe Petit, Who Walked in the SkyThe Amazing Philippe Petit, Who Walked in the Sky
15 Jan.
, 1974, the whole world was left awestruck when Petit successfully walked across a rope between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York... an entire 8 times. Of his historical achievement Petit said...
Shortcomings of the Scorpio Zodiac SignShortcomings of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign
13 Nov.
tendency to sacrifice his friendships and use illegitimate means just so towers above everyone else in the hierarchy. Scorpio can't stand anyone opposing him, this has a very negative influence on him. If he catches a...
Home Alone DreamHome Alone Dream
05 Aug.
So i was in the kitchen of my house my parents were gone and my grandma was in her room folding clothes. I heard a shallow voice say allie. . . i was confused so i headed towards my grandmas room and my brother showed...
Weekly Horoscope Until November 2ndWeekly Horoscope Until November 2nd
27 Oct.
to set up a date. The weekend presents the opportunity for meeting new people and finding love. Taurus - Your interest grows toward the new Your romantic relationship will provide you with lots of fun and...
Palmistry - The Ring FingerPalmistry - The Ring Finger
25 Oct.
the comparison between the ring finger and the rest of the fingers of the hand. Position of the ring finger If the ring finger is tilted toward the middle finger, there will be sorrowful vanity. If it is inclined...
The 3 Worst Afflictions of Mankind, According to BuddhismThe 3 Worst Afflictions of Mankind, According to Buddhism
23 Feb.
, goodness, compassion toward everything we encounter during our earthly journey. Buddhism also teaches us that everything around us is connected and that if we do good, it will be done onto us as well. But the same holds...
Magic Ritual for Attracting Love with a TubeMagic Ritual for Attracting Love with a Tube
16 Feb.
! I attract you! You are irresistibly attracted to me! You are in a hurry to see me! You are coming to me! Let it be so! Try to see with your soul how attracted your chosen is toward you. Look through the...

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