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Top ten unexplained phenomena

Top ten unexplained phenomena

There are phenomena, which still remain a mystery to everyone, even scientists. There are different theories, but none has been demonstrated and accepted as fact.

These are ten of the phenomena for which scientists still have no logical explanation:

- Bermuda Triangle - the area in the Atlantic Ocean where planes and ships disappear. Scientists say that there is no mystery, but the few who have returned from there know that science and logic are powerless over what is in the Bermuda Triangle.

- Clairvoyance - very controversial phenomenon - people they are split between fully believing in it, to believing that this is all hokum. Top examples are the great Edgar Cayce and Vanga , who in one way or another have really helped many people.

- Life after death - the "other" world is not proven, but there are dozens of examples of people who were close to death - some have seen a white tunnel, others a tunnel with a light and a loved one. Is it possible that life does not end with our earthly life time?

- UFO - are we alone in the galaxy or are there other worlds, other realities - a question that scientists can not give an unambiguous explanation to.

- Weeping iconostasis - they are scattered all over the world. There have been countless studies, but researchers have no single explanation why and how these images ooze and bleed.

- The "Placebo" effect - this is something similar to self- healing, patients believe that they are given medication for their condition and get healed, but it then turns out that it was just an ordinary sugar pill that they got.

- Stone orbs – it is a mystery how these balls have perfect form, once thought to have been made between 200 and 1000 AD.

- Iron Column - the age of the column in Delhi, is unclear according to scientists as some say about 1600, while others guess over 4000 years of age. As the years have gone by, one question remains- why would such an old tower not rust?

- Ball lightning - an unexplained phenomenon to this day, everything there is to know about it is that it relates to electricity and it may last rom several seconds (as in ordinary lightning), to 3 hours.

- Living torches – this is spontaneous human combustion and no explanation exists, it can certainly top the list of the top 10 supernatural phenomena.