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The Most Bizarre Rock Formations in the World

The Wave

The world is filled with unique natural wonders. It's as if some of them were crafted by a higher power, seeming unlikely to form by chance. They are so bizarre and stunning that there would hardly be a person that wouldn't be impressed by them.

Have you heard of The Wave in Arizona? It is a red rock formation in the US, found not far from the border between Arizona and Utah. The sand dunes that form the rock are about 190 million years old. This natural wonder can only be reached by foot, after about 3 mi (5 km) of walking.

Mount Danxia in China is an exceptionally colorful and unusual place. It looks more like part of a painting than a real mountain. The name "Danxia" translates into "pink cloud" and can be seen in the southeast and southwest regions of China.

Mt. Danxia

The wonderful flowing colors formed back during the Cretaceous period. These geographical formations are also dotted with numerous ravines and caves. If you are a fan of unusual sights, you simply must visit this natural wonder.

Devils Tower in northeastern Wyoming is a rock formation and the first US National Monument. It is made of igneous rock and reaches a 1266 ft (386 m) height. According to experts, the unique tower began forming 50 million years ago due to the effects of magma which burst through cracks in the earth's crust.

Devils Tower

After a tremendously long period of time, the soft rocks surrounding the hardened magma broke apart and what looked like columns appeared. Another theory about the origins of Devils Tower states that it's actually a volcano, which became dormant long ago.

Potato Chip Rock

Potato Chip Rock is located in Mt. Woodson in San Diego and is quite likely the most appetizing-looking cliff in the world, since it looks so much like the potato temptation. However, to get to it you will have to work quite hard, since the climb to it is recommended for professionals only.

Wave Rock

Wave Rock is one of the most stunning rock formations. It is located in Western Australia. This one-of-a-kind phenomenon is about 49 ft (15 m) high and 361 ft (110 m) long. The staggering formation is very reminiscent of a giant wave, as if had turned to rock by magic mere moments before crashing to the shore.