The Largest Underground City has Been Found in Cappadocia
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The Largest Underground City has Been Found in Cappadocia

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The archaeology world is buzzing - an enormous underground city has been discovered in Cappadocia.

The ancient city was localized under Nevsehir Castle. The archaeological find is as much around the castle as it is under it. The 1st sections of the underground city were noticed in 2013.

The Cappadocia region is a unique blend of cultural-historical objects, products of man's hard work and provoked by the instinct of self-preservation, in combination with remarkable natural wonders.

In order for a person to fully appreciate this aggregate of religious temples, cliff formations and ancient living quarters, a ride with an air balloon would be best. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years.

Cappadocia city

The city of Nevşehir is the big favorite in the Cappadocia region. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. One of the most important sights there is the Byzantine castle above the city. During the Ottoman Empire, it was reconstructed into a fortress with 4 cylindrical towers, 2 entrances and a jagged wall. The main mosque of Ibrahim Pasha, dated to the 8th century, is located under the fortifications.

The construction of new buildings had been planned in the area where the city was found. But after the archaeological discovery, the activities were halted and the region was declared a protected archaeological zone.

The gigantic underground city is dated to being over 5000 years old. Labyrinths and escape tunnels have been found underneath it. Besides these there are hidden religious temples.

Based on the scale of the finds so far, experts suppose that this may end up being the largest underground city in the world. Hasan Ünver, the mayor of Nevşehir, announced that the other subterranean cities in the different parts of Nevşehir cannot even compare to the "kitchen" of the newly found city.

The settlement takes up 45 ha beneath the new protected archaeological zone. Work on the site began back in 2012. From then until now, 44 tourist sites have been found. They have been preserved and secured.