Shortcomings of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign
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Shortcomings of the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Scorpios don't have too many shortcomings but the ones they do are serious and it's always good for those who deal with them often to be aware of them. Scorpio is unforgiving and never forgets if someone hurts him or embarrasses him in front of others.

Even if a long time passes, Scorpio will find a way to get revenge and it will be in such a way that his victim won't soon forget it. Scorpio is capable of planning his revenge for months on end, to make the person who he holds a grudge toward feel absolutely horrible.

Scorpio is quite dangerous - don't make fun of him. He is extremely prideful and should anyone question his honor, they can expect a whole lot of trouble.

On the flip side, Scorpio finds it perfectly normal to poke fun at people in the worst way possible, never caring if he's making them feel bad in any way. And if he does find out, a smile usually warms his face.


Scorpio spares no expense when it comes to getting revenge on someone. It's hard for him to deal with betrayal, all it would take is for his partner to make even the slightest attempt at a fling, after which the relationship is over... forever.

Scorpio does not change his stand on any issue, no matter what methods someone uses to try to influence him to give up on a decision already made.

Those born under this sign are very deceitful and we must always be careful about what we share with them because they'll always find a way to misuse that information.

As he ascends the corporate ladder, Scorpio has a tendency to sacrifice his friendships and use illegitimate means just so towers above everyone else in the hierarchy.

Scorpio can't stand anyone opposing him, this has a very negative influence on him. If he catches a loved one lying to him, even about something insignificant, he may push them away and avoid all contact with them for months.

Scorpio hates it when someone tries to trick him, especially when it's in a field well familiar to those born under this sign. Scorpio doesn't take losses easily and is ready to fight by any means necessary, so that he always comes out the winner.