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Ghost Plane has Been Time Traveling for Decades Now

Antonia R.Antonia R.

In 1955, the charter flight DC-4C vanished from radar and for 37 years no one had found any trace of it. But then in 1992, as if out of nowhere, the airplane once again appeared in the sky.

It had been carrying 57 passengers and 4 crew on board. The plane was supposed to fly from New York to Miami. It was scheduled to land at 9:55 on July 2nd, 1955 but that same day it was announced missing.

Initially the belief was that the plane had suffered a terrible accident. Rescue crews began their search for debris from the craft and for the bodies of the passengers. Not a trace was found after days of searching.

Unexpectedly, 37 years after its mysterious disappearance, the plane reappeared near the airport in Caracas but in just a few minutes, like a real ghost, it vanished once more from the eyes of witnesses.

"I saw the plane and heard the voice of the pilot, " said the on-duty air traffic controller at Caracas - Juan de la Corte. He also had the feeling that all of the people board still believed it was the year 1955.

The flying-by airplane was spotted by everyone working on the airport runways. Even the Deputy Minister of the Venezuelan Civil Aviation Institute believed that he had seen the plane that had vanished so many years ago.

On-duty employees at the airport reported that the radars shot to life with the charter's approach, while air traffic controllers at the tower heard the following: "Where are we? This is charter 914 from New York to Miami."

Controllers then informed them that they were approaching the airport in Caracas and asked if there had been any disaster on board but received no answer.

This occurred on May 21, 1992, and airport employees add that they had seen one of the pilots waving a folder. A piece of paper fell out of this folder and turned out to be a calendar from the year 1955.

To this day there has been no logical explanation found about what happened and besides the calendar, the paranormal event can be proven by the recorded communication between the charter flight pilot and air traffic controllers at Caracas.