Complexes That Plague the Different Zodiac Signs

A person is as big as their... complexes. This wasn't something that Napoleon said but rather a psychiatrist who has been studying human mentality for years. The truth is that we all have our own weaknesses, hidden complexes and obsessions that make us different from one another.

Curiously, certain complexes and obsessions seem to be determined by the zodiac sign under which we were born. Familiarize yourself with the complexes that plague the different signs in order to better get to know the people around you.


Unbelievable but true: the sign that is considered to be one of the most stubborn and hardheaded actually suffers from an inferiority complex or one of its variants - the overachiever complex, the leader complex and so on. Aries have the constant need to be assured that they are the best, most capable, smartest, top of the line.


Representatives of this sign suffer from the unofficial seven dwarves complex. Who ate from my bowl, who slept in my bed and so on. Taureans, as typical members of the earth signs have humble complexes, related above all to material goods.


Geminis, who have complex personalities and are never alone, suffer not from one but two complexes... at the same time. They are usually dominated by the Peter Pan syndrome - they refuse to grow up and bear responsibilities, they refuse to deal with reality and break away from their world of fantasy.


Cancers are super caring parents, their dedication can exceed the reasonable limits and develop into the Electra complex (for a Cancer father) and Jocasta complex (for a Cancer mother).


Leos have a sky-high ego, which on its own is not a disease or something dangerous to society but extremely annoying for the people around them. After all, it's not a lot of fun to talk to people whose only interests are their own personality, merits, beauty, intellect and so on.


Virgos often succumb to the Jonah complex - a lack of faith in their own abilities. They put in vast amounts of energy to hide or downplay their talents. In addition, they tend to take responsibility for everything and everyone and always blame themselves whenever something does not go according to plan.



You have to admit that in general, Libras are annoying with their constant hesitation. They are capable of spending their lives weighing 2 possible outcomes and dying happy without choosing either one. Diagnosis: indecisiveness complex!


Scorpios are infallible, untouchable, unique, the only ones of their kind. Not godlike, no, because it is not they that are like God but he like them. This feeling of self grandeur can exceed the normal limits and deepen their delusions.

When this happens, Scorpios begin to set unrealistic goals that they pursue, even at the cost of their own health.



Representatives of this sign are affected by the Don Juan syndrome - they are simply not capable of remaining loyal to their friends. They have countless affairs and lovers and cannot build on existing relationships.


Capricorns are irresistible... or at least so they think. And since representatives of this sign are a gift from god to both sexes, they remain alone because they believe that no one is good enough for them. This is the so-called Cleopatra complex. Combine it with a superiority complex and you get a typical Capricorn.


Aquarians are not born, they are sent to this world on some type of mission. What that is exactly may not be revealed even by the end of their life but that does not prevent them from living with the idea that they are unique, the only chosen ones who can save everybody. The responsibilities which they willing take up due to their messiah complex are capable of bringing about their downfall.


Representatives of this sign spend 1/3 of their life sleeping and the rest of it dreaming. They are often dominated by the Cassandra complex and live on this world in a pure physical sense. Where they find themselves spiritually - no one can say. They may fall into the trap of the martyr complex, that holds the belief that they can save others through their own suffering.

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