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What Makes the Different Zodiac Signs Cry

Antonia R.Antonia R.
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Each zodiac sign has its own weak points and certain problems capable of ruining their self-composure and bringing them to tears.

Aries - Powerlessness against injustice

Aries are a highly emotional sign and are not afraid to show their feelings but their tears start flowing fastest when they see an injustice that they are powerless to change. Regardless of whether they or someone else is wronged, Aries do not like anything unfair.

Taurus - A past love

The memory of a past relationship is one of the most painful subjects for Taurus. Taureans have a difficult time forgetting their ex and moving forward, even years later searching their memories for the relationship that is no more, while the words or actions that hurt them still make them cry.

Gemini - Unfulfilled wishes


Geminis insist on having their wishes fulfilled and get flustered like little children when people don't pay them enough serious attention. They can start crying about things that seem insignificant at first glance, just so they are satisfied.

Cancer - A sick relative

For representatives of Cancer, there's nothing more important than family and they weep whenever a relative gets sick. The vulnerability of a family member can make them put in 100% of their efforts to help.

Leo - Aggressive behavior toward children

Leos can't stand any aggressive behavior toward children, whether in public or not. Representatives of this sign suffer when an adult acts cruelly toward kids.

Virgo - An abandoned animal

Virgo is the zodiac sign that loves animals the most. Tears in their eyes can be seen if they find a suffering, abandoned animal. If they don't feed it or take it with them, they will later be haunted by a guilty conscience.

Libra - Ugly scenes

Representatives of this sign will start crying if they become part of an ugly scene in public. An argument or humiliation in front of strangers make Libras vulnerable and bring them to tears.

Scorpio - An important event

A wedding, baptism or funeral are the events in the life of a Scorpio that can cause them to cry. Representatives of this sign are known for their strong and hardy character and would never cry without reason. However, the truly important events in their life make them more emotional.


Sagittarius - Being broke

The lack of financial means and fear of poverty incite panic and tears in Sagittarii. When they see their money drastically melting away, this fire sign feels the onset of a real crisis.

Capricorn - Memories

Nothing can bring on the tears in the Capricorn sign quite like old memories. This can happen whenever they're looking at old photo albums and remember times long gone.

Aquarius - Betrayal

Aquarians collapse if a loved one embitters or betrays them. For this sign, similar actions signify a lack of humanity and would quickly bring about tears.

Pisces - Deception

Pisces would start crying if they find out that a person whom they greatly respect deceives, manipulates or uses them. It's very hard for them when they realize that someone would be close to them just for their own personal benefit.