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What Turns the Different Zodiac Signs into Whiny Babies

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Every one of us has their own unique view on life. Whenever something doesn't meet our expectations and understanding, this definitely does not make us feel good.

These specific character traits can be seen in each individual zodiac sign. Our star sign quietly guides our entire life and if you learn how to pay better attention to the peculiarities inherent in each sign, it will likely be easier for you when communicating with many of those around you.

Below you can find the things that can turn each zodiac sign from someone calm and collected to a whiny brat.


What pisses Aries off more than anything is sluggish people. Anyone who wanders about and wastes time, instead of using that time to do something productive, irritates them beyond reason. Persons who don't have a specific goal or task drive Aries to aggression and violence. Aries simply don't pay any notice to people who aren't adventurous. They can't understand those who would rather sit around at home all day without doing something different even for a moment.


Taureans are extremely touchy. At the same time, they would never allow anyone to see that they've hit a nerve. It's in their nature to judge others without even knowing them. This gets in the way of a realistic judgement. If they ever manage to find someone who lives according to their standards, it's hard for them to keep them due to the fact that they refuse to open up. This ultimately prevents them from finding true happiness.



Representatives of this sign combine charming and dangerously crazy within them. They are communicative and love meeting new people. The downside is they quickly tire of this. They just don't see anything interesting in the majority of people and are constantly seeking new places and persons to entertain them. Geminis quickly get attached to them, then get bored of them even faster - a never-ending cycle.


Loyal, loving and ready to do everything for their loved ones, they are prone to exacting sadistic revenge if someone disappoints them. Their tendency to show compassion and help others makes them vulnerable. Anyone can take advantage of their goodness and ruin them. After this happens several times, they enter every new relationship expecting something bad to happen. They tend to sit off to the sidelines for a long time before they become convinced that something worthwhile will come out of it. But oftentimes what happens is the object of their affection does not possess the nerves to wait for them that long.


Gentleness and strength, firmness, but a good heart as well - all these come together in prideful Leo. Unbelievable experts when it comes to first impressions, they always know how to start up a conversation and make friends anywhere. At the same time, first impressions are the most important thing for them as well. They never reveal their true self until they become convinced that others will accept it and won't run away. Further, they are convinced that everyone else wears a mask, just like they themselves.



The rock that everyone leans on always try to show her best. This sometimes makes them look impractical. Their ambition to be the best they can be becomes an obstacle on the road to their goals. Virgos consider everything in a practical way and flee from anything new. Unfamiliar things scare them. Only one who manages to recognize their big brain and unique way of thinking can truly adore them.


With a tendency to analyze things to the smallest detail, they're never satisfied with the information received. Even though a Libra can make friends with anyone, she is extremely opinionated toward others and lets very few into her inner circle. Relations, even the most ordinary, are of particular importance to them. If something happens to them, they tend to fall into brooding thoughts and depression.


Few are the chosen ones capable of understanding a Scorpio. If anyone is foolish enough to take advantage of their good will, they can literally go insane. Tough by nature, they simply do not wish to express their soft side. This is also one of the reasons why they're constantly avoided and given the boot by society. Their raw and rough defensive nature repels even those closest to them.



Fun, positive, good, Sagittarii cannot build serious relationships. No matter how devoted they seem, they are constantly wary. The reason they can't develop a deep relationship with anyone is that they hate talking to themselves. The fear of inner conflicts leads to a complete absence of sensibility. In the end, a Sagittarius reaches a point in their life when they have no idea what they want or how to achieve it.


Closed off by nature, they don't let anyone get to know them. Solitude is the most important thing for a Capricorn. Few get close enough to their true self but may still not be allowed into their life. To be close with someone, they need time in order to make sure they can trust that person. Plus, they need to adhere to the same values - no gossiping, drama, lying and hurting loved ones. But Capricorn would hurt others in the name of loved ones.


Loners, often described as black sheep, they don't mind carrying their own cross. Everything traditional and conventional is boring for them. They like lone wolves like them - creative, open, without fear of public opinion. Nontraditional expressions are their specialty. This often leaves them misunderstood and lonely in a world that is all too systematic.


Completely harmonious. Pisces feel so good and comfortable by themselves that it's as if they don't need anyone else. There aren't many out there with the patience to reach their inner self. They only communicate with those they view as exceptional and exciting. Whenever someone is of no use to them or doesn't grab their interest from the get-go, they immediately reject them, convinced that they are not worth their time.