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The Zodiac Signs That Cheat Most Often


We might never find out which sex cheats the most but experts have helped us determine which zodiac signs have the greatest tendency to cheat. It's not recommended to rely only on this research because even if they share the same zodiac sign, people are very different and sometimes putting them under one common denominator is a mistake. But since a lot of people do believe and give credence to their zodiac signs, we must take a look at this study.

The study was done by British scientists; the results may be surprising for some but for others they are quite logical. Scientists have found which zodiac signs cheat the most out of both sexes and which ones are least likely to commit this type of betrayal.


The study was done as follows: several dating and sex websites were studied, with the goal of finding which zodiac signs had the highest membership among the various types of sites.

The results showed that among men, the representatives of the sign of Pisces were most likely to cheat, while for women it was representatives of Gemini.

Astrologers explain that Pisces have an exceptionally rich and very well developed sexual imagination, and their fantasies, one way or another, become real. This supports the results from the British study to a great extent as well.

If you've decided to look for a partner among those who theoretically cheat the least, the study has made a conclusion about that too. According to the results, among women, the least cheating zodiac sign is Libra.

They are dedicated and loving and very rarely succumb to this sort of temptation, say astrologers. When it comes to men - the least cheating are representatives of Scorpio. They, in turn, get strongly attached and if they fall in love they would be hard-pressed to go all the way with a different person. At least that's what experts on the subject claim.

But whatever the research says, never say never, because sometimes life puts us in strange situations just to prove us wrong. On the other hand, don't be too distrustful, no matter what the zodiac sign of the person you're living with is.