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How the Different Zodiac Signs Age

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Every zodiac sign has its own way of doing things in life. This fully applies to aging as well. Here's how the different zodiac signs age:

Aries. Aries rarely think about their age. They live one day at a time. Their cheerful spirit maintains their youthful energy even when they hit old age.

Taurus. As they age, Taureans become ever more stubborn, while at the same time continuing to be the same flexible and adaptable individuals - both psychologically and physically. They love to eat this and that and are susceptible to weight gain. Still, they are quite stalwart and live long.

Gemini. Exceptionally goal oriented, they pursue their goal until the end of their life. And they have no intention of slowing down the pace, quite the contrary. Unbelievable workaholics, they never bend knee. Most of them would rather continue to work even after they're old enough to retire.

Cancer. Cancers age in one of 2 ways. Some of them remain kids, while the others turn into a true-to-life Mother Teresa and dedicate their lives to caring for others. They are your typical grandma and grandpa that every parent wants their children to have. All you need to do is respect their gray hair.

Leo. Over the years, they become ever more lenient and solid. As the years pass, they gain experience, become more imposing, calm and in some cases - fat. Typical of their nature is to more insistently want worship and admiration. They strive to be examples in life and often reach their highest goals before others do.

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Virgo. Aging does not affect Virgos particularly well. The older they get, the more negative their outlook on the surrounding world becomes. They are lost if they lose control or become too critical. They always strive to keep their mind and body fit. This allows them to age beautifully, with finesses and a dose of strictness.

Libra. They do everything they can to delay the process of aging. They always provide strict care for their body and consider each and every bite they put in their mouth. Even before the 1st wrinkle appears they have already taken all possible measures to delay this in time. Their efforts are worth it - even at 80 they look like 40-year-olds.

Scorpio. They think that since they're old this automatically makes them wise. And it's actually true. Unfortunately they often fall into the trap of their own goals and convictions and become incredibly stubborn and unbearable. Old Scorpios are complete and impressive.

Sagittarius. Even though they don't like thinking about old age, they often annoy others with questions regarding their age, hoping to receive compliments about their appearance. The truth is there's always reason to in fact compliment them. Despite all of their unhealthy habits and complete refusal to take care of themselves, they somehow magically manage to keep their sex appeal, beauty and health into old age.

Capricorn. This is the only sign for which time flows backwards. As a rule, Capricorns are born wise and responsible. The more they grow, the more they get attracted to childish and crazy things. As such, adult Capricorns transform into silly kids that love to have fun.

Aquarius. Similar to Capricorns, they are exceptionally serious as kids. Over the years they begin to ever more frequently reveal their outlandishness. The adult Aquarius doesn't care what others say and does whatever he wants.

Pisces. Old age scares them to death. To them it means the end of everything. Once they've gotten old they reevaluate all the stages of their life. It's best if they get a hold of their worries. Constant worrying only shortens one's life.