Why do We Even Have Eyebrows?

Why do We Even Have Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are silent indicators from which we can learn much. Under more careful scrutiny they can reveal the social instincts of the person sitting across from you, as well as their identity, sex, age and inner beauty.



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Instincts - We Figure Out Everything about Someone New in 30 Seconds

We Figure Out Everything about Someone New in 30 Seconds


British psychologists claim that everything you think about the new person you have just met within the first 30 seconds of conversation, is true. Even though the amount of time is short, our intuition works at full capacity.

Instincts - What is intuition?

What is intuition?


Intuition is considered a lightning of revelation - these are instinctive judgments that prove to be correct. People are able to develop intuition to help their feelings, or to work better.

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