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Palmistry - Finger Size


Finger size has great significance in palmistry. Here is how finger size can be interpreted for each finger:

If you have very long fingers - this shows a tendency toward interference in others' affairs, someone who is always looking to blame others, is sometimes cruel, even if consciously they do not wish to be; they terrorize and are terrorized.


Long fingers - indicate an eye for detail and a tendency for even the smallest things to be done well. People with long fingers have good analytical capabilities but can be overly sensitive at times. According to one Indian palmist, a man whose fingers are long has relations with many women.

Long thin fingers - here you might find scammers and pickpockets of all sorts (long thin fingers are quite suitable for this particular profession! )

Medium fingers - Those with medium finger lengths are well-balanced and quite ordinary and normal.

Short fingers - Those who have short fingers have the ability to understand things quickly and unify. As well, people with strong intuitive capabilities fall into this category.

Very short fingers - Bohemian, nontraditional instincts are seen here, along with laziness, egotism, indifference and the inability to understand and fulfill the main obligations in life. This is a sign of ferocity - yielding to primitive instincts is evident.

These are some main parameters. As far as how finger size influences personality, let us delve into some details.

What does it mean to have a large or small finger? It is all a matter of comparison with the other fingers.

If the index finger is proportional to the other fingers and is neither too large or too small, this is a symbol of respecting rules and an intuitive mindset.

If the index finger is way too long, the individual is prone to tyranny and abuse of power.

If the index finger is way too short in relation to the other fingers, that person dislikes having responsibility.

A crooked index finger shows a lack of honor. However, if we look on the positive side of things, a crooked index finger is seen by some palmists as an indication that the person has many hobbies.

A normal-sized index finger. Whenever the tip of the index finger reaches up to the nail of the middle finger, this portrays a balanced ego.

If your index finger is longer than your middle finger, this is a terrible sign! The spiritual dominates almost to the point of insanity.

If your index finger is as equally long as your middle finger, you love power. This type of index finger is called a Napoleon.

An index finger that is much smaller than the middle finger - timidity, diffidence. The individual is secretive in all that they do. A lack of confidence is evident when the index finger does not reach up to the base of the nail of the middle finger.

When the index finger is much longer than the ring finger - there are unnatural, unhealthy ambitions.

An index finger equal to the ring finger. A great desire for fame and fortune.

If the index finger is much shorter than the ring finger. A lack of ambition and a willingness for a monotonous existence.

A middle finger proportional to the rest - a sign of caution.

A way too long middle finger - a negative mindset of the individual as a whole.

A way too short middle finger - frivolity.

A crooked middle finger. Hysteria and instincts suggestive of murder.

A middle finger, much longer than the ring finger - suppressed emotions, especially when the tip of the ring finger does not reach the base of the nail of the middle finger.

A clearly distinct middle finger - illustrates a strong and serious character.

A ring finger reaching the base of the nail of the middle finger - balanced emotions.

A ring finger reaching a bit past the base of the nail of the middle finger - emotional and creative impulses are shown.

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