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Full Moon in Aries - What Will Happen Today

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Full Moon

On September 28th at 02:50 UTC, the full moon phase occurred in fiery Aries. This will fill the day with enthusiasm, energy and make the majority of people more ambitious.

Today, the moon will lend its support in planning any travels, conversations with superiors, starting new projects, walks out in nature. But you must not, under any circumstances, argue, explode out of anger, be egotistical or make large investments.

The full moon during any month is the time when we reap the fruits of our efforts. Whether you'll be satisfied or disappointed on this day depends entirely on your efforts during the past few weeks.

The moon phase in Aries will lead us to abandon any useless burden, leave behind the responsibilities we do not like, get away from the tedium and be more natural and open.

People who are more diplomatic and those who have a more tolerant point of view will enjoy successes. Those who tend to be more aggressive and rough will suffer greater tension throughout the day.


Participate in various events and strive to have more contacts during the day. This way, some of your old dreams may come true.

Today's moon phase will make it crystal clear which aspects of your life need major change - family, work, home. Problems from the past may reappear, ones you've forgotten about and which you need to finally resolve.

One of the opportunities this day provides is to find the balance between your own needs and those of others.

It's possible for you to be more emotional than usual today. Trust your feelings, without suppressing your inner motivation. Your instincts and initial reactions may also guide you today.

Aries will provoke you to act, to take on new initiatives, to conquer new territories. For some this will be accompanied by a whole lot of insecurity toward the future and its hardships.