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Yearly Horoscope 2018 for Scorpio


Your willpower is going to be strong this year and if you use it with the goal of establishing solid foundations it will bring you excellent results. Be careful not to sprawl out too much by starting one too many projects simultaneously.

Throughout the year you're going to be able to blindly trust in your instincts, knowing they won't lead you astray. Prepare to take on a leadership position more often and to follow your personal beliefs.

You're going to feel comfortable in your relations with the people around you and even if certain secrets were to come out, you can rely on your philosophical viewpoint to prevent the discovered truth from transforming into drama.

Your intuition is going to be flawless this year, so trust in your 6th sense more than your logic. Your plans will be realized faster if you act on instinct.

Every undertaking that enriches your mind will be good for you. As such, be more initiative and don't be afraid to begin pursuing your wishes. It's going to help you look at the world in a more comprehensive way.


The year is also going to teach you patience with regards to communication with others. It may be harder for you to find common ground with others and you may feel coldness in your new contacts.

However, events are going to teach you how to alter your viewpoint and not be so rigid in your opinion. Use the opportunities to be more talkative and share your ideas more often.

Delays are possible in your contracts and projects that have to do with writing and communication. Use this to clear up any final discrepancies and make completely sure that your contracts are perfect.

The new year is going to show you how to look more lightly on life, without being serious all the time and learning to laugh at yourself. You have the opportunity to boost your knowledge and skills if you open up to new things.

You're going to be able to rely on the knowledge and skills you attain throughout 2018 for long years to come. So don't worry about feeling completely ignorant at the beginning and instead sign up for as many classes as you can.