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Jupiter is Retrograde in Scorpio! Find out What to Prepare for

Antonia R.Antonia R.

From March 9 to July 11, the most massive planet in the solar system - Jupiter - is going to be retrograde in Scorpio. During this four-month period it's important that we're more careful about certain things.

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of the philosophy of life, deep meaning, the ability to enrich our viewpoint, to accept our fears, to be tolerant toward the unknown and foreign.

Retrograde Jupiter is going to make us consider whether or not our fears are real or whether we're simply succumbing to our primal instincts, in turn making us steer clear of everything unfamiliar.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is responsible for deep emotions, the crises that transform us, inheritance, general investments, obligations and sex. With Jupiter in retrograde, we'll be capable of reevaluating each of these topics.

The subject of money that we receive from others is also going to be highly stressed in the coming months. You may free yourself of attitudes that have been pushing you toward the same old routine until recently.


Retrograde Jupiter allows us to get to many hidden truths but since it is in Scorpio, this spiritual journey needs to happen through the removal of everything old and unneeded.

It's going to be easier to uncover and expose anything fake, while we'll also be able to see whether we're playing a role that's alien to us. It's time to investigate deep down and seek the philosophical meaning.

During this period, tasks related to higher education, legal activity and travels abroad may be delayed. Focus on charity and try to heal your trauma from the past.

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