Energy in skins

Energy in skins

The skins of different animals have different energy. Skin that is taken from animals killed in pain, bring bad luck to their owner.


Bad Luck

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Bad Luck - Broken dishes bring bad luck

Broken dishes bring bad luck


Everything in your home is connected in some strange way with your subconscious. Dishes symbolize wealth and family. When we eat in cracked plates, subconsciously we tune into troubles and failures.

Bad Luck - Most popular superstitions

Most popular superstitions


Superstitions are still popular, because people prefer to explain the inexplicable things through supernatural intervention.

Bad Luck - Broken dishes bring bad luck

Broken dishes bring bad luck


The home is a projection of the soul and the human body. Cracked and broken cups and plates are usually kept in cupboards until they fall to pieces.

Bad Luck - Superstitions in different countries

Superstitions in different countries


In Slavic countries, people believe that meeting a black cat brings bad luck. The only way to neutralize the meeting with the black cat, is to spit over your left shoulder.

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