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Traditional beliefs and Feng Shui explanations for them

Traditional beliefs and Feng Shui explanations for them

Many beliefs and superstitions have reached us through the centuries. Old wives believed in luck and everything that we need to do to fulfill tradition.

Even today, many people are worried about their luck, if a black cat crosses their path. Few of us return home, if we have forgotten something, so they do not miss their luck.

One of the beliefs is that one should not cook, if in a bad mood. This is explained by the Feng Shui of the fact that every object has an energy field.

The thought of every person is material. If you start to cook with bad thoughts, your negative energy is transmitted to the food.

As a result, all who eat of this dish will receive a great deal of negative energy. Another legend says that one should not be greeting, or sending off on the doorway.

This makes sense because the doorway is an invisible boundary, that separates our past from our future. When a helping hand or object are handed over the doorway. This brakes the balance between the spaces, and temporary imports muddle into the home’s energy. This provokes quarrels and failures.

Many people believe that you should not eat sitting on the corner of the table. According to the rules of Feng Shui, every object with triangular shape is a symbol of negative energy.

If a person constantly sits at the corner of the table, over time they will start to have problems in life, there will be problems with health, and luck will escape from them.

It is believed that it is bad to stand behind someone. In general, everyone feels uncomfortable if someone stands behind them. According to feng shui, every object must have support, to support and protect their energy level.

If no such support is available to the object, or in this case - the man - becomes an easy target for harmful external influences. If someone you can not see stands behind you, you will feel anxiety.

You should not be looking into a broken mirror, because it brings seven years of unhappy love - It is a popular belief, however, there is actually a Feng Shui rule about this.

Any broken object, such as the broken mirror, has a powerful blast of negative destructive energy. It leads to illness and misfortune.