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Most popular superstitions

Most popular superstitions

Superstitions are still popular, because people prefer to explain the inexplicable things through supernatural intervention.

One common superstition is not to pass under a ladder, or lean against a wall. This superstition is rooted in faith and the Trinity. With a ladder propped up against the wall, it forms a triangle and a violation of this triangle, which symbolized the Holy Trinity, was considered a sacrilege.

Black Cat

Black cats bring bad luck if they cross your path - this is one of the most common superstitions. In England, it is considered a nuisance if your path is crossed by a white cat. To avoid the problem, you need to rotate 360 degrees. This breaks the cycle of bad luck that the cat has created.

Rabbit foot for luck - this superstition came from a totem of the ancient Celts. They believed that rabbits dug holes in the ground to liaise with the divine underground world. The Celts believed that their wives will give birth easily and often, if they have a rabbit foot mascot.

A broken mirror is a sure way to provide seven years of bad luck. This superstition arose from the belief that the mirrors are not just objects, which see everything, but they take part of the human soul, if you look at them. After death, the mirrors in the house are covered.

If you break the mirror, you can prevent the seven years of bad luck, by taking one of the pieces to the cemetery, or crushing all the pieces until they become powder.

666 is associated with Satan and strikes terror. But it has become known mostly for his bizarre mathematical properties. 666 is the sum of all numbers on the roulette wheel.

Knock on wood is a verbal talisman, which is combined with a real knock on wood to protect a person from bad luck. This superstition is rooted in myths about the good spirits that live in trees.