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Broken dishes bring bad luck

Nina NordNina Nord

A house is a projection of the soul and the human body. Everything in your home is connected in some strange way with your subconscious with your desires and even your future.

Not everything can bring a benefit. If you have some free time, do a brief inventory of the items you collected in your home.

Unfortunately, discard things that pollute the energy of your home. Firstly, this is your old shoes and old clothes that you do not wear for years.

They are kind to your heart, but are only good when healthy. Clothes and shoes should not be kept after they are turned into rags.

All this attracts negative energy and prevents positive changes happening in your life. According to experts in Feng Shui, if you are trying to lose weight, but have no success, This may be due to accumulation of old useless items that pollute the energy channels of the home.

No need to throw everything out, but it is better to regularly review the cabinets and drawers, but also the wardrobe.

Cracked and broken cups and plates are usually kept in cupboards until they turn into pieces. Most hosts put the dishes in the beautiful section and use cracked ones every day.

Broken Dishes

No wonder that with such an attitude towards ourselves problems in life and work will rain down one after another. Cracks on the dishes are cracks in your destiny.

Dishes symbolize wealth and family. When we eat in cracked plates, subconsciously we tune into troubles and failures.

If you have at home creeping plants, immediately discard them or export them to the balcony as they attract diseases and bad luck when they are in the room.

Do not decorate your home with a dry reed, because it brings misery. Decorate it with dry flowers, that improve home energy and prevent disease and poor mood.