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Was it an Angel?Was it an Angel?
04 Dec.
I wonder if angels really exist, if nature is capable of crafting such beautiful things in the clouds or if I just daydreamed it all?...
I can't forget himI can't forget him
06 Nov.
I was hoping he would text me, after all we both experienced such a beautiful thing for the first time. After 5 months he messaged me and I was soooo happy....
I feel like they are always with me.I feel like they are always with me.
02 Jan.
She was tall, beautiful with a flower crown on her head smiling at me. When she appeared I felt like i was frozen and I didn't noe hw to react back. Then I felt something pulled me back....
Dream of dancing classDream of dancing class
07 June
duplicate of our houses and we pulled the lever and found our self back in the upside-down world where we eat lunch with my dancing teacher who we told about what happened and met her pet one of them being a crocodile/snake/monster...
14 Jan.
There is a creek overflowing, and getting out to investigate, there are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful colored crystals, all shapes, colors, and sizes....
So confused...So confused...
06 Jan.
He pulled me aside to talk & proposed, the ring was dark metal with a beautiful blue diamond. I told him I would think about it because of how he has treated me over the past 2yrs....
I was in a room full of peopleI was in a room full of people
12 Dec.
Inside the bag was a purse, It was beautiful. It also was leather and brown sewn together with gold thread. I had never been so excited and overwhelmed to receive a gift....
fathers ex girlfriend dreamt of me...fathers ex girlfriend dreamt of me...
14 Nov.
Inside the brown box was a beautiful pink rose. What could this mean? The most shocking part to me is that she claims I was a child, like I stated she wasn't in my childhood so how could she know it was me?...
...Flooded with emotion.......Flooded with emotion....
18 Oct.
The man you can build a beautiful and happy life i packed up my life and moved clear across the state to his hometown so we could start on "our" american dream....
Beautiful MonsterBeautiful Monster
05 Oct.
She looked like a happier, beautiful, more content version of myself. Long, flowing blonde hair, milky skin, soft lips, rosy cheeks... and a large, sparkling blue eye. Yes, eye....