I am traveling, and come upon flood waters. There is a creek overflowing, and getting out to investigate, there are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful colored crystals, all shapes, colors, and sizes. I know this is a weird phenomenon, and so I start gathering them up, even though I have no idea how I am going to get them home. They are beautiful, and clear, and I can feel how cold the water is while I am turning over other rocks and pebbles, and still finding more and more. I continue to wade through the fast moving water, collecting them and putting them in boxes. I am astounded at the colors, and the majority are purple, and blue, making me ponder in my dream if they are amethyst. I have more than 3 boxes full, and am wondering how I am going to get them home, so I can sort through them, and fully appreciate them..


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24.03.2013 14:48
You seem to have quite the interest in crystals. From the dream, I gather that you would really like be a rockhound. You would like to go hunting for gems and crystals, in a natural setting, perhaps. You would also like to collect them. Go for it!