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I was in a room full of people

michelle gentry
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I was in a room full of people
I was in a room full of people I didn't know, they were all gathered around me. They were smiling and laughing, I guess it was a celebration of some sort.

Then the crowd parted and an Indian woman walked up to me and took my hand, She asked me how I have been. I told her it had been a hard y......ear but things seemed to be looking up!

She wrapped her arms around me but never said a word, just being in her presence made me feel at peace.

As she backed away from me, out of the crowd a man handed her a leather satchel. I knew it was leather because i could smell it. Inside the bag was a purse, It was beautiful. It also was leather and brown sewn together with gold thread. I had never been so excited and overwhelmed to receive a gift.

As I placed the purse over my shoulder, I looked at her, she smiled as a tear rolled down her face. Once again she took my hand and we began to dance. We twirled all around the room, It was the happiest place I have ever been.

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@ Bob sagget
how he is gay?

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