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A strange thing happened to me

A strange thing happened to me
Something strange is happening to me lately. I am not imagining and do not know whether it could be coincidence, but I'll tell you.

First, many times, it has happened to me that I go to the bathroom and the water suddenly shifts and syphon is moved. When I sit in the living room I feel a presence. Sometimes without any wind, flowers begin to move themselves. I can not explain this, but it is somehow unnatural. Often while I fall asleep, something stirs my bed without any sign of outside inducements. At home we have a bar and 2 m from it is the table.

One night I went to cellaret where there was cake, cut 3 pieces and sat at our table. I started to break it in pieces as I held it and I was staring at something, somewhere in space. Dad was doing something, Mom knitted and we suddenly heard a slight thump. Down in the ground earth, roughly under the cake, a slice was dropped. There was nobody else in the room. Mom and Dad did not get out of their seats, and I'm sure I did not leave any cut pieces to sit there. When I looked at my plate, it had one piece less, but I had not eaten. How it got there, I do not know. :cry:

Second, a few months ago my grandmother's sister died, God rest her soul. Two days earlier, I dreamed of a banshee. I dreamed I was trying to close a door to stop him from coming to me, but it (or rather she) broke the door and came to me. I woke up. On the day of her death, I dreamed of death, with hood and sickle, but I do not remember anything else from the dream. The next day, I realized the loss. Finally, yesterday I was mad at my mom because I found a cockroach in my wardrobe (we continually spray but they come from other houses), and did protest. I said no to sleep that night. I sat in the kitchen an hour, perhaps and a half. It was around two, and I went gently to sleep, but was startled and in the microwave’s reflection I saw a shadow. It was already in the corner of the glass of the microwave, but I could see how it slowly moved to the right and out of frame (speaking of reflections in the microwave, I saw the person somewhere in the middle, the shadow was on the right). There was a specific form, but I saw only part of it and I was angry, that I immediately ran to my room and did not look at the TV, which generally reflects the entire kitchen.

Last night I decided to go to bed in the living room. So, it was somewhere near 2 again, I went to bed watching TV. The moment that I closed my eyes, it felt like a finger touched my forehead. It was not a lick or just an accidental contact, it touched me (with a finger). It felt like there was a warm and skin contact with no pressure, maybe very faint, but sweet. I would describe it as such: a long finger, very thin, warm and somewhat radiating heat. I'm not afraid. Just as soon as these things happen, I get startled, but now I'm not afraid. In front of my friends, I call it Kasparcho and I do not think I'm an unusual or indigo child. I often dream strange dreams, and often get deja vu and I'm used to it. I'm afraid of dreaming of banshees because some time ago I was dreaming of one and my uncle’s granny died. I do not think it is a symbol of good. I'm new and I do not judge. Thank you.


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Der Meister
Der Meister
05.05.2012 00:05
Something evil is following you. Get help.
15.04.2012 19:17
If you ever feel any danger You should definitely sage your ENTIRE house making sure you thoroughly cleanse the corners.Then open your door and tell all negative energies they must leave.Place sea salt around all entrances.And if you want to take it one step further place a glass of water in the corners of rooms because water absorbs energy.Spirits are not to be considered gingerly because they can indeed be dangerous.I speak from experience,I was completely devastated by using a ouija board when I was 12-13 and didnt pay for my actions till I was almost 17. I seeked out advice from everyone and what i explained to above is the best way to rid of them. Now if you feel you are surrounded by loved ones or good spirits you can still do the ritual but you can ask the positive spirits to stay.Also if you feel the need to cleanse your soul you should find a spray bottle and simply mix water with sea salt and spray it all over yourself in the shower.There are other methods too such as going to the beach and completely submerging yourself in the ocean with the thought that you are cleansing all the negative energy off of your spirit,just imagine all the bad just simply melting away.After you do this,I have also found helps alot,you should suck up as much positive energy as your entire being can embody.I hope this might help you. :)