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fathers ex girlfriend dreamt of me...

fathers ex girlfriend dreamt of me...
My father's ex girlfriend whom we haven't seen in over a year came by today and shared a dream she had of me. She claims to have dreamt of me as a little girl. This is strange because I am an adult and have only known her as in my adult life.

She says that in the dream I was holding a brown box and I presented the brown box to her and opened it. Inside the brown box was a beautiful pink rose. What could this mean? The most shocking part to me is that she claims I was a child, like I stated she wasn't in my childhood so how could she know it was me? And after a year of not seeing her why would she even dream of me? Any ideas anyone would like to share would be great.


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Kalli Ann
Kalli Ann
06.12.2012 03:48
I believe I understand this. A brown box which you presented: you were showing her something that meant a lot to you, or usually remains hidden.
Pink is the color of love.This could mean that you both have a potential for a "beautiful" relationship.
The fact that you were a child denotes innocence; the relationship is innocent or more of a friendship, bringing her great joy.
Being a child could also mean that you saw her as an older figure in her dream (Mother, aunt, etc.). The real question is how she felt after she had it. Was it such a good dream that she had to see you again?
I know, this sounds weird (I'm not an astrologist or anything), but it might be a sign of something; show her a little kindness.
kevin dyg johansen
kevin dyg johansen
05.12.2012 08:03
What if, the connection between you and her, was strong, then she would be of some part of your mind and feelings. When your mind unfolds like in a dream, don't you agree on the similarity of a flower blossoming?
Shown as a child, could be a sign of innocent and pure goodness and maybe a realization of her feeling that you were an open person and no bad emotions were between her and you. And because of her thinking of you as a child, she would recognize you, maybe she saw pictures of you as a child or she could have just made of a child in her mind an giving it your personality and character. in the end you do not have a picture of what she saw so you can't see if it was like you at all..