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Beautiful Monster

Beautiful Monster
I'm having trouble figuring out what this old reoccurring dream of mine meant... The dreams reoccurrence ended when I entered a relationship but it has still left me with a curiosity and I would like some help to see what other people think:

So I'm standing in a forest, a little clearing in the forest. A little grassy, flat, bare little circle with no trees on it. And in this silence all of a sudden I hear a rustling in the bushes. And i turn that was to see a girl peering out from behind a tree.

She looked like a happier, beautiful, more content version of myself. Long, flowing blonde hair, milky skin, soft lips, rosy cheeks... and a large, sparkling blue eye. Yes, eye. She's wearing an eye patch made up of a maple leaf on her other eye. She smiles at me with such beauty, and cautiously makes her way out of the shadows.

This is when I realize she isn't at all a human. For the first thing I see as she peers out into the light are deer antlers, and delicate little doe ears on the sides of her head... growing there naturally.

As she walks out a little more I realize she has the body structure of the deer as well, except theirs no fur, it's just that same milky human skin of hers. And no hooves either, human feet.

She slowly walks over to me the corners of her lips forming a sweet little smile. and sits to the ground in front of me. In which she then takes off her maple leaf eyepatch to reveal a glowing red, gem stone loged into her eye socket. A sparkling, round, and glistening ruby.

And thats where the dream would always end.


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kevin dyg johansen
kevin dyg johansen
05.12.2012 07:34
Animals as being deities, is far from unknown. We are all carrying around an animal within us. It can be shown to us visually from within. Most of the wild animals today, are just defending themselves, not attacking you directly, due to the dark beings we are in the eyes of mother earth, imagine yourself being turned into asphalt, stone walls and cold death.

Sometimes i actually believe that humans has begun to act like a plague, everywhere we move, like bacteria we drain the life and move to another location. Repeat. Overpopulation.

well, i think you are witnessing a strong part of nature, and you becoming one with it. With that experience my advice to you would be studying some paganism. Not to be blinded by belief but to obtain a deeper understanding and knowledge through it. As we are working for a society, wisdom is working for you.