So confused...

So confused...
My dream last night confused me but yet leaves my questioning what does it mean exactly. I'm single but I dreamed my ex-boyfriend,(8day relationship) was with me & I had a feeling he was going to propose, even though we are just friends. Before he did my ex-husband,(8yr relationship) showed up with our children. I was confused because we havent had a good relationship for the past 2yrs. I asked where his girlfriend was & he said that he left her. He pulled me aside to talk & proposed, the ring was dark metal with a beautiful blue diamond. I told him I would think about it because of how he has treated me over the past 2yrs. Right after that my ex-boyfriend/friend pulled me aside & he then proposed & when he went to pus his ring on he saw the other one & got upset & I told him what happened & that I didnt say yes so he went ahead & put his ring on to & basically I was left with decision of who would I say yes to, then I woke up. In reality my ex-husband & his girlfriend have made my life hell, especially when it comes to my relationship with my children, he's a puppet & she's the puppet master running the show. When she's not around we get along & can compromise with each other because when we were together we had a really good & loving relationship until he had an affair with this girl. & then there's my ex-friend who recently came back in my life but just as a friend & we just agreed to be friends & if it becomes more than it does if not at least we can still be friends. Im just so confused & I want to know what this means, especially because I get a LOT of deja vu...


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Just friends
Just friends
24.03.2013 15:13
The dream is indicating to you your anxiety, caused by the men you've loved. Each one seems to be a part of you, each has a claim on a piece of your heart. After being so hurt, it can be very difficult moving on. You are ready to run back and latch onto one of the men you've had before. You want a settled life, but bad luck and bad choices mean it's impossible. As unpleasant as it sounds, you must date. You must play the field. You will choose a better man for yourself next time.