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The underwater pyramids in the BahamasThe underwater pyramids in the Bahamas
23 July
Jana G.
But then Ray Brown could not find the underwater pyramid, as many times as he tried to return to the same place. The pyramid of the Bahamas is most likely the long sought pyramid of Atlantis....
Pyramids in honor of the pharaohs built in UkrainePyramids in honor of the pharaohs built in Ukraine
01 Mar.
No man who has never heard of Egyptian pyramids, in fact they were large tombs that were built in ancient times, the glory of Pharaohs....
Bosnian pyramids, a phenomenon or a human action?Bosnian pyramids, a phenomenon or a human action?
05 Oct.
Data shows that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are open structures that make the Pyramids of Giza to look like small rock models. 267 meters high, the Pyramid of the Sun exceeds the height of the Great Pyramid of Egypt....
35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan
07 Nov.
A pyramid with an usual rounded shape also arouses interest. The graves around the pyramids were most likely plundered back in ancient times....
New pyramids found in EgyptNew pyramids found in Egypt
29 June
Today the most famous pyramids in Egypt are the Pyramids at Giza, the most popular is the Great Pyramid, designed for Pharaoh Khufu....
Ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, MexicoAncient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico
01 Dec.
The pyramid is actually a series of Pyramids built on each other....
Ancient pyramid inaugurated in EgyptAncient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt
29 Nov.
Furthermore the foundation of a pyramid called 'pyramid number 29' near Sakar Necropolis was discovered and was famous for it alley of the sphinxes....
Hidden Chamber Found in the Egyptian Bent Pyramid of SneferuHidden Chamber Found in the Egyptian Bent Pyramid of Sneferu
10 June
Antonia R.
Scientists have scanned the area and obtained the first X-ray image of the Pyramid of Sneferu - one of the first pyramids built in Ancient Egypt....
Are the pyramids work of aliens?Are the pyramids work of aliens?
16 Dec.
The location of the Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Giza and neighboring Pyramid in the summer evenings show the sun located exactly between the two pyramids....
How Large are the Egyptian Pyramids?How Large are the Egyptian Pyramids?
24 Nov.
The most famous pyramids in the world are located in the Giza necropolis on the outskirts of Cairo. These are the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Menkaure....
Secrets of the Cheops pyramidSecrets of the Cheops pyramid
20 June
"Everything fears time, time fears the pyramids." This thought strikes each stood before the grandeur of the Egyptian pyramids. The most amazing buildings in human history were built approximately around 4600 years ago....
Archeologists estimated the birthday of the Great PyramidArcheologists estimated the birthday of the Great Pyramid
16 Sept.
A group of archaeologists found the exact date on which the construction of the Great Pyramid began, giving the the famous Pyramid it's very own birthday. The date that construction began was August the 23rd 2470 BC....
Dispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramidsDispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids
22 May
Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves but by workers....
Nubian Pyramids - a worthy competitor to the EgyptianNubian Pyramids - a worthy competitor to the Egyptian
22 Jan.
The number of Pyramids in ancient Nubia (now Sudan), boast a total of 223 pyramids located in Kermen, Napa, Nuri, Naga and Meroe, which is more than twice the pyramids in neighboring Egypt....
Who was it that actually built the pyramids?Who was it that actually built the pyramids?
31 Aug.
When the pyramids of Giza have been reviewed in a super imposed mode it can be seen that also these pyramids line exactly with the night sky stars....
The Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious SmokeThe Pyramid of the Niches - Place of Mysterious SmokeIt is known by many names, including Pyramid of Papantla, Temple of the Niches or simply El Tajín. The Pyramid of the Niches is unique....
Pyramids on MarsPyramids on Mars
30 Nov.
Nina Nord
The pictures obtained from space cameras clearly show numerous large objects with conical and pyramidal shape that resemble the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids....
Ancient Egyptian PyramidsAncient Egyptian Pyramids
25 Feb.
This was the duty of the Pharaohs, hence the Pyramids being built....
Lost Chinese pyramidsLost Chinese pyramids
05 Dec.
The interest in Chinese pyramids significantly increased in 1994 with the publication of the book White Pyramid by Hartvig Hausdorff....
Ancient Statue is Twice as Old as the PyramidsAncient Statue is Twice as Old as the PyramidsThe latest analyses reveal that it is 11 000 years old or twice as old as the pyramids in Egypt. The idol is massive, more than 16 ft (5 m) tall....
The Oldest Cities in the WorldThe Oldest Cities in the World
30 Aug.
One of the first signs of developing human civilization was the emergence of the first cities, which groups of people could settle permanently. The names of some of these ancient populated areas can be found even in the...
The Strangest Religions in the WorldThe Strangest Religions in the World
20 May
Nina Nord
There are numerous strange religions and cults all over the world. One of these religions is Scientology - a cult formed in the 50s of the last century. Scientologists believe that every person can receive mystical enlightenment...
Watershed Events in History in the Year of the SnakeWatershed Events in History in the Year of the SnakeThe new moon of February 10, 2013, at 9:21 pm local time, according to Chinese astrology started the year of the Black Snake. Female, passive character (MI) associated with the north, or winter night. The snake is the...
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
Faye Merivedar was a stewardess working for Airline Company in the U.S in 1973 when she experienced something incredible. When she looked through the glass in the oven she saw a tense male person. She looked one more...
Mysterious Temple Revealed in a Mexican Pyramid after EarthquakeMysterious Temple Revealed in a Mexican Pyramid after EarthquakeThe disaster in essence changed the structure of the pyramid and when experts later investigated it with modern equipment found an unexplored area....