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Who was it that actually built the pyramids?

Who was it that actually built the pyramids?

The general estimated time of the pyramids being constructed is from the third till the fourth centuries B.C. Hundreds and hundreds of years later the pyramids are still in standing force. The very question today is: how did this Egyptian civilization build such modern detailed structures with such primitive, simple technology? As most of know the Egyptians had many thousands of slaves to build these magnificent structures, however some believe the Egyptians had other help. Many are not convinced that slaves alone could build such structures.

One theory is that the Egyptians took help from an extra – terrestrial race, this would explain the large and precise construction of these pyramids. It was also give some explanation as to why the pyramids all line up with the stars on Orion's belt. When the pyramids of Giza have been reviewed in a super imposed mode it can be seen that also these pyramids line exactly with the night sky stars.

Also the pyramids represent the pure genius method of mathematics, take a look at this example; If the circumference of the pyramid is divided by twice the height the result is that of Pi, the first six digits of pi that is; 3.14159. Pi is demonstrated in many more ways throughout the pyramid. How is this possible when it is thought that this type of such advanced mathematical knowledge is far too advanced for such a culture? This also could aid the thought of the Egyptians having help from some extra – terrestrial intelligent being. Included in the passages of the pyramids are curious calculations. After careful and long evaluation it is said that these calculations are equal to specific dates, that to the life and death of Christ, history of the Jews and prophecies for the worlds events. Again this takes us back to the conclusion of some higher intelligent being aiding the Egyptians during this time.

Most of us know through history teachings that the purpose of these pyramids is that they were to hold the dead bodies of pharaohs. However no body has been found in the Great Pyramid. A fungus never seen been before has been uncovered in King Tutankhamun's tomb. This just gives us more reasonable cause to not exclude the thought of extra terrestrial presence. There is no mention of how the pyramids were built in their very detailed recordings of their culture, there is mention of who their kings were, what wars were fought, and what structures were built, but construction there is no mention.

Who was it that actually built the pyramids?

More evidence shows of extra – terrestrial helpings of the construction of these perfect pyramids. Early photographs of Mars shows that it's surface looked that familiar to pyramid like monuments. In the photo seemed to be that similar to the face of the Sphinx. With advanced technology today however these claims are slowing fading as a a theory in the past, with new advanced photography techniques this face is actually that of an eroding mountain, so it is argued today!

Aliens and Pyramids of becoming that of a fashion theory in Hollywood, with movies being released such as Stargate. The movie was evolved around that of an ancient Egyptian artifact. Also during translation of the Egyptians script known to us as the hieroglyphics it is said to be the discovery of the artifact to a gate of another world. The gate leading to what seems to resemble ancient Egypt. We learn that the Gos Sun Ra was actually an Alien that used human slaves. The gate between world was destroyed after the Egyptians defeated Ra. This story aids the people to carry on the idea of the Egyptians being helped by extra terrestrial civilization.