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Pyramids in honor of the pharaohs built in Ukraine

Pyramids in honor of the pharaohs built in Ukraine

No man who has never heard of Egyptian pyramids, in fact they were large tombs that were built in ancient times, the glory of Pharaohs.

In their honor, however, there are such massive structures built in the territory of Ukraine, Egyptian archaeologists are convinced.

Giant Pyramids are hidden beneath the hills in the region of Lugansk. So far scientists have only managed to dig their tops, to suggest that the facilities have been sanctuaries of the pagan sun god Ra.

The findings encountered by archeology interns. Lugano pyramids are not Tombs and Sanctuaries.

They are three centuries younger than the Egyptian, but they are similar in size and construction. However it has not yet been studied how much time has gone for their construction.

Experts still can not explain why these facilities are located in Ukraine, a completely different continent, but they are certainly recognized that they were made by representatives of extreme civilization.

There is a project of Lugano pyramids to be in the open air museum and archeologists are not afraid of vandals, as so far during the excavations they have not found gold or any precious objects. Across Europe, this idea is unmatched.