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Bosnian pyramids, a phenomenon or a human action?

Bosnian pyramids, a phenomenon or a human action?

Data shows that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are open structures that make the Pyramids of Giza to look like small rock models. 267 meters high, the Pyramid of the Sun exceeds the height of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. In the same area are also the pyramids of the Moon, and Dragon newly Love.

The creation of such structures requires colossal human labor and a huge logistical organization for the cultivation of the soil, food, transportation, housing, water and space for waste disposal, etc.

Bosnian pyramids, a phenomenon or a human action?

The existence of these giant artificial structures in Europe means that the entire history of the development of human civilization will have to be rewritten from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this regard, Semir Osmanadzhik which is at the heart of these findings said, "My discovery will change human history."

Professor John Parker of Cambridge University visited the place of discovery and took on the study of the origin of strange structures.

At the top of the hill lays the pyramid of the sun. He saw how the locals cleared and dug to a depth of some areas of about one meter, exposing what appears to the world such as concrete spilled down the slopes of the hill. Those inclined, flat layers appear as a group, united by some binder and are presented as artifacts.

In contrast to the Pyramid of the Sun where the concrete slabs are lying is parallel to the hill country. Material that constitutes the Pyramid of the Moon is in the form of horizontal layers. These plates are flat and the undulating effect are over all of an area of striated lines. Layers are split on rough rectangular blocks, but are so close to each other that they look exactly as if made by human hand. The side of the hill was shaped in a series of steps, each of which is about one meter and a half to two meters. Hence the Pyramid of the Moon is described as the climbing pyramid, unlike the pyramid of the Sun, whose sides are flat.

Asked what he thinks about the "concrete" building, Pyramid of the Sun, Professor Parker is explicit that this is a natural material. According to him, if you look over the area where the pyramids are located, it is clear that there was a very turbulent river, which has descended down and burnt to form a deep valley in the mainly composed limestone area, but then, the river rose in the mountains of West, whose rocks are predominantly oxidized hence, "concrete" is actually made of the stones from the river that had to pass from the mountains and oxidized to settle into a kind of alkaline substrate.

According to Parker, it so clearly this natural phenomenon must be studied as a natural phenomenon rather than embracing the shadow of magic and mystery.