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The underwater pyramids in the Bahamas

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The underwater pyramids in the Bahamas

At the very bottom of the seas and oceans, underwater pyramids have been found. These pyramids are located in different corners of the planet are made of the same material - from very thick glass, or a material similar to glass.

Such pyramids are found near the Bermuda Triangle, there are two glass structures under the water, according to some theories that explains the strange phenomena and disappearances in the area.

The pyramids are about a century old, according to the calculations of scientists, so that eliminates the possibility that they are remnants of ancient civilizations.

It is unclear what technology made the pyramids, which are very deep underwater.

The pyramids near the Bahamas were initially discovered in 1968, when an American pilot noticed large buildings underwater.

With the help of underwater archaeologists and photos from an airplane, destroyed pyramids were found, which had bases of fifty-four, by forty-two meters.

Some pyramids have mysterious circles that have huge arranged stones, which could not be raised by humans.

In the seventies, Ray Brown, who regularly dived in the Bahamas, came across a strange mirror- pyramid under water.

He went inside the pyramid, and according to his descriptions it had a huge crystal sphere which was held by two bronze hands.

The tip of this underwater pyramid was shaped like a crystal. But then Ray Brown could not find the underwater pyramid, as many times as he tried to return to the same place.

The pyramid of the Bahamas is most likely the long sought pyramid of Atlantis. It is believed that there is a connection between the pyramids all over the world.

It is also believed that besides this mirror pyramid, there are several smaller pyramids in the Bahamas, which are part of an ancient culture, most likely Atlanta.