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Pyramids on Mars

Nina NordNina Nord
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On the surface images of Mars obtained from American aircraft "Global Surveyer Orbiter" can be seen many pyramids.

They are located in the region of Sidon. The pictures obtained from space cameras clearly show numerous large objects with conical and pyramidal shape that resemble the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids.

The size ranges from ten to three hundred meters wide at the base. Many pyramids are grouped in straight lines, triangles and other geometric shapes.

According to some experts, the pyramids are natural formations on Mars, but most think they are a sign of the artificial origin of the pyramids. Otherwise, they would not have been arranged in such regular shapes.

Some of the pyramids on Mars are with the absolutely upright corners of an equilateral triangle, while others are truncated cones - just like the Mayan pyramids. The surface of the upper part is smooth, as if it were polished.

The surface of the pyramids on Mars is absolutely smooth. The most interesting thing about them is that the bottom has holes that probably represent entrances.

According to surveys, it is entirely possible that on Mars lived civilization whose representatives have visited our planet Earth. This could explain the origin of the pyramids, which are found in different corners of our planet, and their uniform shape with the Martian pyramids.

It is known that on the surface of Mars is seen long network of canals, which probably were irrigation canals of an ancient civilization. It is entirely possible that Martians have repeatedly visited Earth, they built some pyramids here, as well as on their planet with a specific purpose, which is still unknown.