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The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
Accidentally he photographed one of the most famous pictures of the ghost - a monk with a long beard and pale face. Experts have looked and pronounced it authentic....
The Most Famous Millionaire-KillersThe Most Famous Millionaire-Killers
20 Mar.
Perhaps the most famous millionaire-killer on the list is John Eleuthère du Pont, who in 1996 shot and killed wrestler and Olympic gold medal winner Dave Schultz in cold blood....
The most famous Greek mythsThe most famous Greek myths
07 Dec.
Among the famous Greek myths is that of Odysseus, which is told at length in Omir's Odyssey....
The Most Famous Guidebooks about DeathThe Most Famous Guidebooks about DeathSome of the more famous ones we've gathered below. Ars Moriendi or the Art of Dying Ars Moriendi is a chronicle from the 15th century, written in Latin....
The Most Famous Comets Throughout HistoryThe Most Famous Comets Throughout History
15 Nov.
Antonia R.
At the beginning of December of this year, we may witness the passing of the comet ISON. Scientists predict that looking at the comet will be akin to looking at a full moon. Throughout history there, some remarkable...
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
One of the most famous ghosts is the Flying Dutchman - this is not a man, but a commercial fishing vessel from the seventeenth century, that took a course at sea....
The Most Famous Male Prostitutes in HistoryThe Most Famous Male Prostitutes in HistoryWhen we think of famous or notable prostitutes, we may tend to think about women....
The Messages in Salvador Dali's Most Famous PaintingThe Messages in Salvador Dali's Most Famous Painting
14 Aug.
Antonia R.
The most famous painting by Spanish artist Salvador Dali is The Persistence of Memory. The messages found in the elements of this masterpiece are seen as crucial for Surrealism....
Asteroids, Antarctica and the exclusion Dinosaurs?Asteroids, Antarctica and the exclusion Dinosaurs?
31 Aug.
Evidence shows an asteroid measuring between three and seven miles wide had broken up the atmosphere and five large pieces had hit the Earth!...
The asteroid Apophis may pass usThe asteroid Apophis may pass us
24 Nov.
The asteroid Apophis, may pass us in 2036....
Gravity Tractor to protect the Earth from AsteroidsGravity Tractor to protect the Earth from Asteroids
14 Sept.
It will be sent to space at the risk of an asteroid attack, says The Sunday Telegraph. According to the U.S. Space administration NASA, 100, 000 asteroids circle around the Earth....
The Most Common NightmaresThe Most Common Nightmares
07 Aug.
Plamena M.
Every one of us has had nightmares. A new study shows that in fact many of them are similar in the majority of people. They can simply be the result of our subconscious and have no logical explanation but in a lot of cases...
People are Most Honest in the Morning, Lie the Most in the AfternoonPeople are Most Honest in the Morning, Lie the Most in the AfternoonAn American study reveals that people lie mainly during the afternoon hours. The study was carried out by a team of scientists from the University of Utah and Harvard University. The tests were carried out with the...
The Zodiac Signs That Lie the MostThe Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most
08 Aug.
Jana G.
The different zodiac signs lie in different ways and to different degrees. Geminis lie a lot but if you ask them, this is simply their favorite game. Geminis lie expertly from an early age. Virgos lie from time to time...
The Most Controversial Executions in the USThe Most Controversial Executions in the US
25 Mar.
The debate "for" and "against" the use of the death penalty dates back to when it was first applied. Both sides have their arguments and reasons and they often clash with each other in heated arguments. Even though...
The Most Ancient Creature on the PlanetThe Most Ancient Creature on the Planet
27 Nov.
Antonia R.
American and British scientists have found the oldest animal on the planet, which, according to research, appeared some time after Christopher Columbus discovered America. The oldest organism on our planet is a type...
The Most Haunted Houses Around the WorldThe Most Haunted Houses Around the WorldHaunted houses, ghostly voices and mysterious happenings. This may sound like something out of a horror film but there are also places around the world that send out chills, even in real life. Today we'll show you some of...
The most depressing days of the yearThe most depressing days of the year
22 Sept.
Not Friday the 13th, but Monday the 27th is really the most miserable day of the year. When the twenty-seventh falls on Monday, most trouble, accidents and injuries occur. People generally do not like Mondays, because...
The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!The Most Terrifying Medieval Executions!
29 Oct.
Jana G.
During the Middle Ages, torture and executions were used to make examples of people, as well as to get confessions, usually from a woman, that she was a witch. Regardless of whether the tortured person actually confessed...
The Most Intelligent Zodiac SignsThe Most Intelligent Zodiac SignsIntelligence is something that's seeded in everyone to some extent. Quite often it happens that the personal ambitions and efforts of a person help them build and develop their mental capacity. Whether they will be successful...
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
Antonia R.
So far there are 4 recognized men, whose phenomenal abilities are still not fully understood and who evoke amazement in millions of people around the world. The man who ate an airplane The French man Michel Lotito began...
The Most Inaccurate Technological PredictionsThe Most Inaccurate Technological PredictionsMovies - a temporary fad During the premier of "The Great Dictator", famous actor and director Charlie Chaplin said that film was a temporary fad that would soon die out because most people preferred to go to the theater...
The Most Loyal Zodiac SignsThe Most Loyal Zodiac SignsThe most loyal zodiac signs are Cancer, Taurus and Pisces. Representatives of the Cancer zodiac sign are exceptionally attached to their friends, intimate partner and close relatives. They find it hard to...
The Most Indecisive Zodiac SignsThe Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs
11 Feb.
Jana G.
The representatives of the various zodiac signs have fundamentally different characters. Some of them stand out with unbelievable boldness, others simply follow fate itself and never dare step outside the beaten path....
The five most inexplicable phenomenaThe five most inexplicable phenomena
13 Jan.
Jana G.
Scientists from around the world for decades have been trying to unravel the mystery of five of the most unexplainable phenomena but continue to try in vain. The first is the way the brain affects the body. Medicine is...