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The Most Loyal Zodiac Signs


The most loyal zodiac signs are Cancer, Taurus and Pisces.

Representatives of the Cancer zodiac sign are exceptionally attached to their friends, intimate partner and close relatives. They find it hard to get through any breakup or conflicting situation that drives them further apart from those they love. To them it doesn't matter much what type of character the people have that they have gotten used to and have accepted into their social circle, once they have become close.

A Cancer would support anyone who has need of collaboration and help. He loans out money easily. He forgives betrayal and is once again ready to unquestioningly accept those who have failed their trust the first time.

If Cancers aren't doing something that requires their full attention or if they don't have a well-defined position in the professional aspect, they can be with their friends and those closest to them all the time - they can spend hours on end with them without a problem. They are just as loyal in love relationships.

Very often, representatives of the Cancer zodiac sign remain connected to their first love through marriage or other long-lasting relationship, or they have a particularly sentimental and strong memory of them. This exemplifies their ability to be emotionally faithful and consistent in their feelings. They can cheat if they're being constantly ignored for a long time and if they see no evidence of the desire for a partnership or for sharing family commitments - for kids and home.


Taureans are another remarkably devoted and loyal zodiac sign. They stick to the familiar mainstays, to traditions and security. If someone manages to remain in their social circle, thoughts and feelings for more than a year and they've had at least a few one-on-one meetings and conversations, then that person becomes one whom the Taurus would not forsake.

The Taurus is a zodiac sign that becomes highly attached and is very jealous. Even if he no longer likes someone, if he feels that he's starting to lose them, he would fight for them and maybe even become a little obsessed, all because of the power of his desire to keep their relations on familiar territory and not have to change his habits, regardless if we're talking about an intimate partner or friend.

Taurus simply doesn't like to lose, to break up, to be hurt and is very sensitive to any change in behavior on the part of another. He cannot refuse to lend support and aid to his friends or sweetheart. It's not inherent in him.

He would do everything possible to give them what they need, especially if they are one of those closest to them. He can play out a clever trick if asked to do so by a close friend, loan out money, vouch for someone or stand up for a colleague in an argument at work.


Pisces too are a loyal sign. They don't like changes and difficult situations in life. Their aims are oriented toward spiritual incorporation and intercommunication.

When they find a person that matches their incredibly spiritual but at the same time emotional needs, they can be their devoted partner. At the beginning they may indicate that they wish to receive some sort of small sign of reciprocation and equality, before they fully dedicate themselves, but their distinguishing quality is selflessness nonetheless.

For them it's not characteristic to be loyal only to those people whom they've known a long time and to whom they are attached by force of habit and strong feelings. They would help, if asked nicely, complete strangers too. Cheating is not something that's inherent in their soul. When they love, it's real, with devotion, faith and they would even express unneeded moral stoicism in a relationship that would seem to have already failed to other zodiac signs.

To their friends they are helpful and quick to answer their needs. For them it's also easier to share their money, which, for Taureans for example, is quite a bigger challenge. Cancers would never insistently force someone to become indebted to them. Pisces keep silent and continue onward, despite any insult.