Paleontologists Discover the Bones of Last Dinosaur Living in AfricaPaleontologists Discover the Bones of Last Dinosaur Living in Africa
12 May
One of the last dinosaurs, living in Africa before the extinction of the giant lizards 65 million years ago, was found in a phosphate mine in northern Morocco....
Another Giant Skeleton in Yakutia?Another Giant Skeleton in Yakutia?
23 Oct.
In an old book found at the University of Oxford, there is mention of a report made during the Middle Ages that describes the discovery of a giant skeleton, 13 ft (4 m) long....
My Cave is my CastleMy Cave is my Castle
09 Aug.
The experts were impressed by the great quantity of artifacts discovered in such a small area....
Fossilized Pterosaur Eggs DiscoveredFossilized Pterosaur Eggs Discovered
07 June
A unique discovery has been made in China....
Egyptian Pharaohs' Statues DiscoveredEgyptian Pharaohs' Statues Discovered
18 Nov.
French and Egyptian archaeologists have discovered 5 kings' statue heads from the time of the pharaohs in Egypt....
Mother of God targets in French CaveMother of God targets in French Cave
24 Nov.
The cave Masabiela had an unexplained force that healed the sick. The healing of a cancer patient that took over the right leg of Delitsiya who was born on the 16th November, 1964 in Sicily....
The Macabre Secret of the Cave of SkeletonsThe Macabre Secret of the Cave of Skeletons
21 Oct.
The next day they discover that they had finally reached the cave they had been looking for but then came across something horrible....
The Strangest Tombs Ever DiscoveredThe Strangest Tombs Ever Discovered
18 Oct.
Separated from all of the others, her skeleton was adorned with a whole lot of bone jewelry. She was not laid directly on the ground but on the shells of dozens of land turtles....
New Geoglyphs Discovered in NazcaNew Geoglyphs Discovered in Nazca
08 Sept.
New geoglyphs have been found in Nazca. The never-before-seen designs came to the fore after powerful winds and an intense storm raged across Peru. Eduardo Herrán Gomez de la Torre saw the new motifs by complete chance...
Elf Body Discovered in MexicoElf Body Discovered in Mexico
10 Oct.
Its discoverers describe it with the term "demonic being" because of the way it looks, not from a moral standpoint....
Human sacrifice discovered in PeruHuman sacrifice discovered in Peru
20 May
A temple with a tomb has been discovered in which for thousands of years has remains of human sacrifices in it. It was uncovered by archaeologists in Peru....
Cemetery of vampires was discoveredCemetery of vampires was discovered
15 Feb.
During excavations for the construction of a new building dead bodies of 13 people were discovered, all of whom were buried in the same horrific manner....
35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan
07 Nov.
One of the most fascinating discoveries made during the digging was an altar in one of the pyramids....
Eight-Hundred-Year-Old Casino Found Hidden in CaveEight-Hundred-Year-Old Casino Found Hidden in Cave
08 June
The casino was discovered along the coast of the Great Salt Lake. The cave containing the game room was actually studied in the past as well....
Millennia-Old Mummy Discovered in LuxorMillennia-Old Mummy Discovered in Luxor
16 Nov.
The sarcophagus with its millennia-old mummy was discovered in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor by a team of Spanish archaeologists, writes the British Independent....