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Thousand-Year-Old Mummy Discovered in Peru

Thousand-Year-Old Mummy Discovered in Peru

Archaeologists are excited about the latest find in Peru - an exceptionally well preserved mummy, ritually wrapped in several layers of cotton fabric.

Scientists discovered the mummy during research at the well-known Pachacamac complex. During analysis of the object, they were surprised by the fact that the remains of the deceased were buried in a cotton coffin.

Experts presume that the mummy was placed in the sanctuary 1000 years ago. It's also believed to have belonged to the Ichma culture, which inhabited the region even before the Incas.

Besides mummified bodily remains, excavations have revealed other interesting artifacts, including dog skeletons, seashells and other noteworthy finds. These all indicate that the area was once used as a sacred place.

Subsequently, however, the Incas remade it to suit their needs and rituals. Eventually, many of the built structures fell to ruin. The mummy in question has been preserved thanks to its cotton covers. It is going to be further analyzed using modern technology.