Jumps in Time

Jana G.Jana G.
time travel

Mysterious time travel always excites fans of the unknown and the mysterious. It is not yet clear whether jumps in time are possible, but some cases confirm this hypothesis.

Still, no one has been able to reveal the secret of this strange phenomenon. Throughout history, there are documented cases of people who have moved from one point to another. This was carried out by an unknown force and against the will of the time travelers.

In 1912, on a train, which was aimed at Glasgow, suddenly appeared strange old gentleman who was shivering from fear.

The man was dressed as British pre XVIII century people dressed. People in the cockpit tried to reassure the frightened man.

He kept repeating words to the driver and was almost crying, wondering where he was. Within minutes, he disappeared, just as he appeared. The train kept only his hat and historians found that it was made in the XVIII century.

time jump

An American, which caused strong shaking in the late nineties, claimed that he was John Titer and he comes from 2034.

He told the people who were willing to trust him that in 2034, everyone moved in time with great speed. John disappeared as he appeared.

In 1988, in Tokyo was killed a man who, according to the driver literally appeared out of nowhere and he could not stop the car quickly enough.

The dead was wearing clothes which the Japanese used a hundred years ago and the passport found in his pocket, was issued a century ago.

In 1992, the Italian Bruno Leone was walking with his wife and right before her eyes, he vanished into thin air. When she reported it to the police, they sent her to a psychiatrist.

Two days later Bruno appeared and claimed to have been transferred to the XXV century. Where got people were wearing strange clothes and told him that Italy no longer exists. They fed him with gray jelly that was awful tasting but very nutritious.

Parisian Florence Dunoi was walking home from a nightclub when suddenly the street in front of her literally changed, and the people who moved in it were dressed in bizarre rubber suits. When she wanted to find a toilet, two men took her to a building on which was the date inscribed - September 23, 2245.

Then the men gave Florence a liquid she drank and woke up three days later with severe pain in the lower abdomen.

When she left the building, she suddenly found herself in the neighborhood and a few days later she discovered she was pregnant. After this, her parents considered her crazy because, she had an abortion because she was afraid of what the baby might be.