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3 Horrific Diseases Caused by Lack of Sleep3 Horrific Diseases Caused by Lack of Sleep
23 July
Research published by Harvard University explained that poor sleep increases the levels of C-reactive protein, interleukin 6 and other substances, which are typically high in infections, trauma, diseases and others....
While we sleep, we scan information fieldsWhile we sleep, we scan information fields
08 Dec.
According to British neurologists what happens to the brain of a person during sleep, is close to the computer. The brain processes information gathered during the day and it joins with that which is in memory....
Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?
29 July
Here we will discuss the best positions for your body while sleeping and the ones which are best to avoid. The best position is sleeping on your back....
What Actually Happens to our Body while we Sleep?What Actually Happens to our Body while we Sleep?
26 Oct.
Dreams occur but sleep is still unsteady....
How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?
20 Feb.
However recently, a tape, which recorded electronic signals from the brain of a sleeping man is stunning discovery. Recent studies contradict this view of the certainty that seemed unshakable....
The Miraculous Effects of Silence! Find out Which Diseases it CuresThe Miraculous Effects of Silence! Find out Which Diseases it Cures
05 June
In fact it served as a tool which the ancients used to restore their inner balance, to charge with new energy and even cure certain diseases....
Dreams can predict future diseasesDreams can predict future diseases
12 Mar.
Through the subconscious can be diagnosed If someone in authority has objections or concerns, even though a disease may not have occurred, the authority sends weak signals to the brain and cause an alert....
Sleep Improves VocabularySleep Improves Vocabulary
26 June
The neocortex, which is responsible for recreating thoughts in a person, works actively after sleep....
Hypnosis During SleepHypnosis During Sleep
11 Mar.
Very often disclose that we hear while we sleep is easy to learn. Imagine that while you sleep, a tape of the material passes before your eyes and wake up in the morning with the material in your memory....
Secrets of sleepSecrets of sleep
28 Jan.
Drink tea which has a relaxing and soothing effect. ° Create a sleep ritual. So your body will start to feel that they are invited to sleep....
Sleep Disorders: narcolepsySleep Disorders: narcolepsy
27 Jan.
Sleeping paralysis mimics the type of temporary paralysis like during the period of sleep during which we are dreaming. Not everyone who suffers from sleep paralysis has narcolepsy....
Sleep Talking - SomniloquySleep Talking - Somniloquy
27 Jan.
Sleep talking is a disorder in which a person expresses their words during sleep without being aware of it. This phenomenon is called somniloquy....
Phases of sleepPhases of sleep
12 Dec.
Eyeballs are swirling making slow movements and in electroencephalography (EEG), which provides information on the work of the brain during sleep, dominated by alpha waves of small amplitude....
Which Zodiac Signs are Incompatible?Which Zodiac Signs are Incompatible?
14 Oct.
Some members of these signs have a hard time making decisions and bearing their consequences for them - each person waits for the other to take on that role....
The Deadliest Diseases in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Diseases in Human History
06 June
Without immediate treatment, the disease will kill a person in 4 days. The main hub of this disease is Central Asia....