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The Profession We Choose Teaches Us a Karmic Lesson

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The choice of profession is one of the actions by which fate teaches us a lesson for the mistakes we've made in a past life. Our current job is a spiritual test in which we must free ourselves from bad karma.

The karma we've accumulated is a result of our mistakes and successes in past lives. With this experience as a foundation, people choose a profession that will help them right their mistakes.

In addition, our career needs to help us develop at a higher level, and the lessons which we need to learn appear before us daily.

So for example, people whose profession has to do with manual labor need to learn patience, precision and communication, because the lack of these qualities in a past life led them to insult and hurt people.

Doctors, pharmacists and masseurs dealt with poisons in a past life, which is why they need to learn to heal people in this one. Their karma obligates them to save human lives, since they were accomplices to murder in the past.


Lawyers are people who have accumulated experience in past lives and the karma in their current life requires them to use this experience in order to determine what is good and what is evil. Lawyers need to be leaders and seek retribution, in order to fulfill their fateful tasks.

Writers and journalists were the victims of manipulation countless times in their past lives. That is why in their present life, karma dictates that they learn how to use speech and vision, without manipulating others.

Musicians, actors, designers and artists need to learn how to utilize color and sound, in order to build a creative energy around them. In a past life, these types of people had problems with ego.

Teachers and psychologists have also gathered experience from past lives, having reached such a level of wisdom that they need to share their experience and teach others. The karmic task of teachers and psychologists is to provide compassion, love, understanding and support to other people.

Architects and engineers need to learn how to finish tasks they've begun because they had never done so in past lives. People in these fields also need to learn how to meet deadlines.

Pilots, those in the military and sailors, had lived through many disasters in a past life. They need to learn how to live with the fear of death when taking risks. Ambition is the quality that guides people with these types of professions.