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Mutated gene makes us sleep less

Sleel less

Known history of many great personalities and heads of state who have experienced earthly time watching more than a dream.

Ability to sleep for 6 hours and even less time, had Gaius Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Margaret Thatcher.

Sleel less

It was found that less sleep is dangerous to health, it lowers the mood, leading to depression and diseases of the endocrine system. Probably to get away from it all, Albert Einstein has complied with a strict regime, and spent 12 hours a day sleeping. French beauty icon Sophia Loren also preaches that sleep is an aid to health and beauty.

Groups of researchers from UCLA are acting up that there is such a thing as a mutated gene, which they called "Napoleonic". They believe it is this mutated gene which is partially responsible for the ability of some people to sleep less.

Initially, the object of their research showed a family in which mother and daughter slept only for 6 hours and other family members had normal sleep. Genetic testing of blood samples from all family members showed that only these two women are carriers of the gene modified, hDEC2. This gene blocks the action of some other genes.

In the second phase of the study the researchers artificially created small populations of mice, some of which have the mutated "Napoleonic" gene. As expected the mutant mice started to sleep less than their normal counterparts.

So the researchers concluded that the gene hDEC2 undoubtedly plays an important role in reducing the need for sleep. However are yet to establish the exact mechanism of action. This in turn will benefit medicine, and we know will have a 100 percent success rate to cure the breaches in the dream.