This Feeling is the Most Powerful Signal our Intuition Gives us
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This Feeling is the Most Powerful Signal our Intuition Gives us

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Intuition is the most highly developed tool by which our subconscious warns us of danger or hints that something good is about to happen.

“The information that comes via intuition has great significance, for it shows us facts, which we don’t normally notice in our busy routine, ” says psychologist Gavin de Becker in his book The Gift of Fear.

According to him, impulsive fear is the first warning our intuition gives us when something isn’t right. In this case we’re talking about sudden fear without any apparent reason, not the kind of fear that arises after we’ve been thinking about something unpleasant for hours on end.

“Fear is not an emotion that should be ignored, ” the psychologist asserts. Through it, your subconscious is telling you that there is some kind of danger around you and you’d lose nothing by spending a little time figuring out what provoked this worry.

Becker explains that intuition is the primary signal that guarantees our safety. The word comes from the Latin “tuere” which means “protect, defend”. Every time we feel it it's trying to tell us that there is something or someone around us that we need to consider.

In the wild, whenever an animal's intuition is on edge, it immediately goes on alert and looks around for danger. Animals always listen to their spontaneous emotions, as they count on them for survival.

However, human consciousness usually does not regard these signals as valuable information for its own survival and does not pay much mind to its hunches.


"The intuition process is ongoing but its main opponent is the process of denial, " the expert claims.

The important thing is to seriously analyze the emotions you experience spontaneously. Although fear is the most prominent signal we receive from our 6th sense, our consciousness can also guide us with confusion, surprise and suspicion.

If such feelings occur to you often or you're dogged by stubborn thoughts for no real reason, then your intuition is demanding that you pay attention to something going on around you. Spontaneous physical sensations are also a signal from your intuition.

Gavin de Becker advises we analyze these because through them we can learn to communicate with ourselves more effectively and wisely. By becoming familiar with our intuition, we can improve our quality of life and relationships with others.