Small Rocky Island in the Atlantic - the Last Trace of Renowned AtlantisSmall Rocky Island in the Atlantic - the Last Trace of Renowned Atlantis
07 Dec.
Professor of ancient history Matt Sibsun claims that the small granite island Rockall in the North Atlantic is the highest point of sunken Atlantis....
Mermaids - Myth or Reality?Mermaids - Myth or Reality?
22 Oct.
A mermaid the size of a "10 year-old kid" was spotted along the coasts of Ireland in 1819....
Mermaids - myth or reality?Mermaids - myth or reality?
08 Dec.
In the year of 1830 the locals of the Isle of Benbecula gathered seaweed....
Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?
07 Nov.
In 2011, a 3-year-old child from the Philippines set its pillow aflame in front of eyewitnesses and scientists had no explanation for the event. They took the child with them in order to study it and its abilities....
The Lost City of AtlantisThe Lost City of Atlantis
27 Feb.
For many centuries stories of fact and fiction have stolen the attentions of many people, one in particular is that of the Lost City of Atlantis. We want to know if it is infact, a miracle fact or a myth from history!...
Watershed Events in History in the Year of the SnakeWatershed Events in History in the Year of the Snake
02 May
In this 60-year cycle, Years of the Snake are associated with symbols as follows: 1965 - Wood 1977 - fire 1989 - earth 2001 - metal, and now - water....
Curses - reality or a hoax?Curses - reality or a hoax?
26 June
But what is really a curse? It is divided into three types: direct, generic and magical. Direct represents malice, hatred and envy in man, which he feels for someone and thus by negative energy he sent his injury....
History of Love RitualsHistory of Love Rituals
22 Dec.
The mystical rituals that are applied for attracting or keeping love, have their beginnings from way back during the Middle Ages, where a young girl's desire to find a husband was equivalent to her desire for good...
Cruellest mothers in historyCruellest mothers in history
07 Jan.
After ten years of marriage, she began to bear heirs to the throne. When her husband died, one of her sons became king of fifteen years, but died....
Forgotten mysteries of HistoryForgotten mysteries of History
19 Mar.
Tarimian mummies, which are two thousand years old, were discovered during excavations in Tarimian basin, in western China. Some of them had long noses and light hair. It turned out that they are Europeans....
Divination for the Upcoming Year on New Year's EveDivination for the Upcoming Year on New Year's Eve
29 Dec.
New Year's Eve is considered to be the most mystical time of the whole year, as it is believed that the barrier between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest....
Sardinia May be a Part of Lost AtlantisSardinia May be a Part of Lost Atlantis
20 Aug.
The mysterious Atlantis has often been sought throughout the years in other regions, far from the Mediterranean Sea and Strait of Gibraltar....
History of the Crete CivilizationHistory of the Crete Civilization
09 July
Today, history recognizes them as Minoans, their name coming from the legendary island ruler from Greek mythology - Minos. The civilization on the island of Crete existed between 2800 and 1150 BC....
The Deadliest Pandemics in HistoryThe Deadliest Pandemics in History
30 Nov.
One of the most horrific epidemics known to history is the plague. It appeared between 540 and 541 in Egypt....
Several Simple Tricks for Making our Wishes RealitySeveral Simple Tricks for Making our Wishes Reality
10 Mar.
Set a time frame for realizing your wish Set a specific time period, such as month, year or season in which you expect your wish to come true....