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Secret of the Indian Man who has Not Eaten or Drunk in 75 Years Revealed

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Prahlad Jani

Doctors have published their final conclusions about the phenomenal Indian man who has not eaten food or drunk water in 75 years. According to the research of 30 experts, Prahlad Jani owes his life to his third eye.

The scientific research team of 30 experts, working in different fields of medicine, conducted a series of tests on the elderly man throughout a period of several years.

First it was found that now 85-year-old Prahlad Jani has been telling the truth and has not had a single bite to eat or any water to drink since the age of 11. Within just several days of the absence of food and water, human beings die, but this is not the case with Prahlad, who has lived an entire 75 years since his last meal.

Doctors in India say that this phenomenon is due to the Amrita chakra or third eye, which in medicine is described as the pineal gland. It is considered to be the link between the human body and desires and thoughts.

Neurologists are convinced that through meditation, visualization and yoga, Prahlad Jani is able to maintain his health. His spiritual practices help him develop his consciousness into super consciousness so that he gains clairvoyant perceptions.

Indian man

Despite not eating food or drinking water, the Indian man's body functions perfectly, while his brain is similar to that of a 25-year-old man's, contradictory to doctors' prognoses that his body would become exhausted and most of his organs stop functioning.

Prahlad himself claims that his life has been blessed by 3 Hindu goddesses. He tells the story of how at the age of 11 he encountered the goddesses Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati, who told him that from that day on he would no longer have to eat or drink water.

He believes that the goddesses care for his health by pouring a miraculous elixir in his body. Prahlad will remain under medical supervision so that he and his phenomenal condition can continue to be studied.

The life of the 85-year-old man is at complete odds with the established claims of modern medicine. Fasting without food is nothing new in India but no one else has survived for years. The longest hunger strike that the world knows of continued for 74 days.