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Ancient Egyptian MythsAncient Egyptian Myths
07 Jan.
Ancient Egyptian civilization is very old and has undergone many changes over the past years. Its myths have different versions, different characters and locations, but the meaning of a story remains unchanged....
Ancient Egyptian InventionsAncient Egyptian Inventions
16 Sept.
Some of these inventions are Pyramids: The word has become fascinated with the pyramids and tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs and the Structures of ancient Egypt....
How Large are the Egyptian Pyramids?How Large are the Egyptian Pyramids?
24 Nov.
The Pyramids of Egypt are one of the wonders of the world. They are ancient architectural structures that were built in Ancient Egypt....
Ancient Egyptians and kissing deathAncient Egyptians and kissing death
31 May
They believe that the truth on this issue will shed light on homosexual relationships in the palace of the ancient Pharaohs....
Ancient egyptians suffered from TuberculosisAncient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis
03 Nov.
The conclusion is that this is the reason for the death of an Egyptian noble....
Ancient pyramid inaugurated in EgyptAncient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt
29 Nov.
South of Cairo in ancient Necropolis there opened a pyramid of fives meters in height which dated back to the XXIV century BC, so the Ministry of culture in Egypt cited by the AFP informs....
Nubian Pyramids - a worthy competitor to the EgyptianNubian Pyramids - a worthy competitor to the Egyptian
22 Jan.
Groundwater Tombs in Nubian pyramids are also richly decorated, like Egyptian style but not all pyramids in Nubia are monuments of kings, as evidenced by their large numbers....
Tomb of the Most Ancient Egyptian Brewer DiscoveredTomb of the Most Ancient Egyptian Brewer DiscoveredThe city of Luxor is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year due to the abundance of monuments of ancient Egyptian architecture....
Dispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramidsDispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids
22 May
Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves but by workers....
Make-up of ancient Egyptians protected against infectionsMake-up of ancient Egyptians protected against infections
22 May
Thick painted eyes of the ancient Egyptians were not only beauty but also a healthy goal. Namely, to protect them from infection. Assumption groups voiced by French scientists to the \"National Geographic\"....
Ancient Statue is Twice as Old as the PyramidsAncient Statue is Twice as Old as the PyramidsThe latest analyses reveal that it is 11 000 years old or twice as old as the pyramids in Egypt. The idol is massive, more than 16 ft (5 m) tall....
Ancient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, MexicoAncient Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico
01 Dec.
Pyramids and other structures are cascade, but not with smooth walls as the Egyptian pyramids, and the stones used to construct them are not as large as those in the pyramids at Giza....
Hidden Chamber Found in the Egyptian Bent Pyramid of SneferuHidden Chamber Found in the Egyptian Bent Pyramid of Sneferu
10 June
Antonia R.
Scientists have scanned the area and obtained the first X-ray image of the Pyramid of Sneferu - one of the first pyramids built in Ancient Egypt....
Pyramids on MarsPyramids on Mars
30 Nov.
Nina Nord
The pictures obtained from space cameras clearly show numerous large objects with conical and pyramidal shape that resemble the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids....
Lost Chinese pyramidsLost Chinese pyramids
05 Dec.
Deep in the interior of China, near the ancient capital of Xi'an are a series of pyramid mounds almost unknown outside the country....
Egyptian Pharaohs' Statues DiscoveredEgyptian Pharaohs' Statues Discovered
18 Nov.
Antonia R.
French and Egyptian archaeologists have discovered 5 kings' statue heads from the time of the pharaohs in Egypt....
The Pyramids in BosniaThe Pyramids in BosniaIndeed, the pyramids near Sarajevo are three – the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Dragon and the Pyramid of the Moon....
Mayan Civilization and PyramidsMayan Civilization and Pyramids
03 Aug.
The name of this city means ‘City of the Two Adjacent Pyramids.’ During their astonishing time of inhibitation, they built many more Mayan Pyramids of various sizes and fame in all their ancient cities....
Egyptian hieroglyphs and their decryptionEgyptian hieroglyphs and their decryption
12 Oct.
Ancient hieroglyphs are an exclusive part of the history of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian language, conforming to the Semitic languages, is now a dead language. Today, Egyptians speak Arabic....
Mysterious Ancient CitiesMysterious Ancient Cities
14 Nov.
Antonia R.
Palenque in Mexico One of the most well-preserved ancient cities and symbol of the Mayan civilization is Palenque in Mexico....
35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan35 Pyramids Discovered in Sudan
07 Nov.
A pyramid with an usual rounded shape also arouses interest. The graves around the pyramids were most likely plundered back in ancient times....
New pyramids found in EgyptNew pyramids found in Egypt
29 June
The ancient Egyptians probably chose that form of the tombs of their pyramids because of their solar religion....
Photographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into SpacePhotographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into Space
03 Feb.
Antonia R.
According to some theories, they were built by the surviving inhabitants of ancient Atlantis, and according to another, the pyramids were built by extraterrestrials and are used as a connection with Earth....
The underwater pyramids in the BahamasThe underwater pyramids in the Bahamas
23 July
Jana G.
It is also believed that besides this mirror pyramid, there are several smaller pyramids in the Bahamas, which are part of an ancient culture, most likely Atlanta....
Are the pyramids work of aliens?Are the pyramids work of aliens?
16 Dec.
It is unlikely that the ancient Egyptians can not know what is the number pi, because it was not calculated accurately to the fourth digit to the VI century, when even the pyramids are calculated until the fifteenth....